Weber 1431001
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High-Performance Grill

The Weber 1431001 is in the higher price range for grills, but it has many add-ons and useful features that griller’s of all ability levels will find useful. It has a charcoal storage bin, attached side table, built in temperature gauge, and a durable design. It has 363 square feet of cooking space, which is average for its price range.

Manual start

The main difference between the Weber 1431001 and its higher-priced model, the Weber 1481001, is that the latter includes an automatic ignition that sparks the propane and lights the coals, whereas the Weber 1431001 is a manual grill that you light with a match or lighter. For some users, there is no real benefit to a push-button ignition; especially users who want to use a chimney in their grill, which is easy to light with newspaper and a match. However, some users really prefer the automatic experience.

CharBin storage container

The Weber 1431001 includes an enclosed container specifically for charcoal, making it easy to grab new charcoal as needed without bending down or finagling with a charcoal bag. It also protects your charcoal throughout the year. This model also includes a wire shelf underneath for storage, and a built-in table for things you’ll need to use as you grill, making it a very functional grill.


Built-in thermostat

There is a built-in temperature gauge on the lid of this unit that helps you monitor the heat you are grilling at and maintain even cooking, even over long periods of time when you are smoking something.

Accommodates different cooking zones

The Weber 1431001 makes it easy to cook different foods at different temperatures at once; you can cook something at high heat in the center and cook other foods at lower heats at the sides. It’s also ideal for any sort of grilling, from smoking to searing.

Easy to move

The Weber 1431001 is very sturdy and its casters make it easy to move around your deck, patio, or wherever you choose to use it. It rolls smoothly and evenly without wobbling or bumping around.

Easy to add charcoal

This model’s design makes it easy to add more charcoal as needed; simply lift the sides of the cooking grate. There is no need to lift the entire grate. This makes it quicker and less of a hassle for cooking for large parties or big meals.


Confusing instructions

Many users have said the instructions for putting this model together can be confusing to understand at first; that being said, it is overall very user-friendly and no worse than putting together furniture or other manual assembly devices.

Overall Review

The Weber 1431001 has identical features to the higher-priced Weber 1481001, minus the automatic ignition; for those who plan on using chimneys or who don’t strongly favor push-button ignitions, it’s probably the right choice. Its features are thoughtful and handy, and making grilling easier and more comfortable. While very, very casual griller’s who only barbecue a few times a year will not find most of these features necessary, anyone who enjoys hosting barbecue parties, smoking meats, or grilling regularly will want to invest in this model.