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The Weber 1481001 is one of the more expensive grills on the market, but it lives up to its price point. It is user friendly and includes a push-button ignition system, as well as a built-in thermometer and side table. It is constructed of durable materials and will last a lifetime even without careful attendance.

Durable materials

The Weber 1481001 has a porcelain bowl that can stand heats up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Its aluminum grate will not rust or warp, and the handle is nylon reinforced with glass, so it remains cool to the touch even during cooking.

363 square inches cooking space

With a total of 363 square inches of cooking space, the Weber 1481001 has a fairly standard surface area; for its price point, it could have more, but most users will find this very spacious.


Built-in thermometer

The Weber 1481001 has a built-in thermometer, which means you don’t have to expose yourself to high heats in order to gauge whether the coals are hot enough for cooking.

Charcoal storage, built-in table

The Weber 1481001 includes a charcoal storage bin that helps keep your charcoal fresh throughout all seasons and safe from the elements. The built-in table also helps you cook in comfort. The Weber 1431001, which is the next grill down in terms of price point in the Weber line, also has these features.

Electronic ignition system

Unlike cheaper models which require you to light charcoal with a match or lighter, the Weber 1481001 uses an electronic push-button ignition system; simply press the button to release propane and light the charcoal. This will be especially useful for those who are new to grilling or who generally do not like the traditional charcoal lighting experience.


Ignition button sometimes unreliable

The ignition button occasionally needs to be pressed a few times before igniting; changing the battery from the model with to a more reliable battery can help with this. You can still expect the propane to light about four out of every five times.

Invest in a chimney

In order to get the most out of the Weber 1481001, some users will want to purchase a separate chimney. This model is great at heating the center charcoal, but it takes longer than smaller units to heat the charcoal along the edges. To really make the most out of the investment in this grill you can purchase a charcoal chimney to place over the flame, which will help the coals heat evenly so you can use the entire grill at once without waiting for the side charcoal to heat. People interested only in direct cooking won’t find this necessary, but people who want to use the entire surface area may be annoyed by the extra investment. It’s not a necessity for most casual users.

Overall Review

If you have the budget for it, the Weber 1481001 is one of the best investments you can make in terms of grilling. Although the additional purchase of a chimney may be a hassle for some users, it’s really not necessary to enjoy the grill. The Weber 1481001 is a high-powered, highly durable grill that makes grilling easy and fun, whether it’s for a BBQ party or for cooking steaks for one or two.