18 5 Kettle Grill
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Low-Priced Grill, Great for Families

The Weber 441001 is one of the cheaper options available, especially from the Weber brand. It is an ideal grill for casual summer grilling with your family and people who simply want a functional machine; it has 240 square inches of cooking space, a One-Touch cleaning system and steel grate, and it is compact enough to use in townhouses or similarly smaller areas.

240 square inches cooking space

With 240 square inches of cooking space, this grill has less overall space than more expensive models. However, it is more compact in general and is great for using in smaller spaces. The Weber 441001 is not ideal for smoking or indirect cooking; when smoking, you will find that the small size leads to charring and scorching.

Handle gets hot

The handle on the lid of the Weber 441001 definitely gets hot while the grill is in use, so make sure to always use grilling gloves or an oven mitt when lifting the lid.

One-Touch cleaning system

This model uses Weber’s One-Touch cleaning system, where with a few movements you can dump all of the ash and residue from the bowl into the ash-catcher. You will need very little effort to keep this model clean, though you will want to make sure it’s not overly windy when you are cleaning it.


Small size

The Weber 441001 measures 18.5x23x35. It is ideal for townhomes, condos, or small spaces without a lot of room for outdoor cooking or storage.

Steel grate

The Weber 441001 has a steel grate that will resist rust and warping, and should last a long time; even though it is a beginner model, the quality of materials in this unit are nothing to scoff at.

Hook for storing lid

There is a hook on the side of the grill that makes the lid easy to store when you are adjusting food or charcoals; instead of having to bend down and put it on the ground, you can simply hang it from the side and easily retrieve it to put it back on.

Easy assembly

The Weber 441001 is also ideal for beginners due to its easy assembly. It can be put together in just a few minutes and has very few things to screw together or figure out. It is very self-contained with no frills that can confuse the beginner.


Unenclosed ash tray

The unenclosed ash tray on this unit means that while it will certainly catch any falling ash, it is susceptible to wind which can blow the ash all over, creating an unpleasant cooking environment. Putting water in the ash catcher can help tremendously.

Overall Review

While it does not stand up to its more expensive brothers in the Weber line, the Weber 441001 does the trick and is a great model for anyone who wants a grill that will not take up a lot of space. Its size does make it prohibitive for anyone who wants to grill for big parties, but it is spacious enough for small dinner parties or cooking for the family. Beginners will appreciate its functionality and how easy it is to use, while even master grillers will find it performs as well as some more expensive models, just without the bells and whistles.