741001 22 5 Charcoal
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Great Grill for Casual Use

The Weber 741001 is a lower-priced model that performs as well as more expensive models and is perfect for the casual griller. It has 363 square inches of cooking space, durable materials, and an easy cleaning system. It lacks many of the add-ons that drive up the price point of similar grills, making it ideal for anyone who wants a simple, functional unit without a heavy investment.

Rust-resistant vents

The rust-resistant vents on this unit make it easy to keep outside all year long without worrying about its integrity. This model also has steel grates which do not rust, and the steel helps the grate hold heat, giving your food unmistakable sear marks.

Porcelain-enameled bowl, nylon handles

Like all Weber units, the porcelain enamel on the Weber 741001 can withstand heat up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring its longevity even when cooking at high temperatures. The nylon handles help keep the handle cool, though you may still want to keep oven mitts handy for high-temperature grilling.

Hinged cooking grate

The Weber 741001 has a hinged cooking grate that is easy to prop up to add charcoal, or move charcoal around when it is heating up. There are no latches or fixtures you need to affix to the grate to hold it up; it simply extends and stays up for quick use.


363 square inches cooking space

With 363 square inches of space for cooking, the Weber 741001 outperforms similarly priced models in terms of total surface area. 363 square inches is sufficient to cook for a moderately sized party, and more than enough for the typical family.

Easy to clean

The Weber 741001’s One-Touch cleaning system works by rotating one handle, which releases blades within the bowl which then dump the ash into a removable, high-capacity ash catcher. The ash catcher is fully enclosed to prevent wind blowing the ashes around. This also helps the unit from being clogged with ash and affecting the grilling time and quality of your food.

Adjustable damper

The adjustable damper system means you can control the heat of your cooking without having to lift the lid; this makes it ideal for smoking food over a long period of time, or for cooking at high temperatures without burning yourself. Some users may also find the damper easier to use than other models that only include vents.


Flimsy legs

The legs on the Weber 741001 are notoriously flimsy; while they won’t collapse or give out, their tripod-style design and cheaper construction mean there could be some wobbling during use. Most users do not report this as being significant enough to drastically alter their grilling experience.

Overall Review

The Weber 741001 does not have the built-in thermometers or side tables that many more expensive models have, but it is priced right for the grilling power it delivers. Users may be slightly unnerved by the wobbly legs, but will soon find that it doesn’t affect the grilling experience. Overall, it’s a durable, well-made grill that functions up to snuff and is easy to maintain in terms of cleaning.