Steamer GS28 Garment
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Efficient, ergonomic steamer with big water tank and accessories

The Conair GS28 garment steamer is a very efficient, affordable steamer with convenient features and a big water tank that produces a lot of steam. It is able to de-wrinkle and freshen everything – from clothes to drapes to furniture. If you are looking to save money on dry cleaning but want to use something gentler than an iron, the Conair is a great option for a standing steamer.

45 second preheat for 90 minutes of steam

A big part of the steamer’s efficiency is due to its speed. In less than a minute, the water is hot and producing steam. For an hour and a half, you get continuous, powerful steam that gently relaxes wrinkles and freshens musty fabrics, all without burning or melting.

80 oz. removable water tank

The reason you get so much steam with the Conair GS28 garment steamer is because of the big tank. It holds 80 ounces of water and is removable, so filling up and emptying it is quick and easy. The tank also has an auto shut-off feature that activates when you’re running low on water. If you need more steam time, simply refill the tank, wait 45 seconds, and you’ll be ready to go again.

Telescopic pole, pants clip, and rotating clothes hanger

For precise steaming, the Conair offers a bevy of convenient tools like a telescopic pole and pants clip. With the pole, you can steam dresses, skirts, and sheets at their full-length without bunching them up like you would on an ironing board. The pants clip at the top lets you create perfect creases. The rotating clothes hanger is useful for all of these jobs and lets you steam every angle and side of your fabrics.


Easy to store

One of the best features of the Conair garment steamer is how easy it is to store. The steamer body itself is very small, and with the adjusting pole, you can shorten it to a convenient height and keep it in any closet. The cord wrap is also useful, so you don’t have to get frustrated with a bunching, tangled cord.

Kills dust mites and bedbugs

Another positive with the Conair is that the hot steam freshens and also kills dust mites and bedbugs. This is an incredibly valuable feature as bed bugs multiply very quickly and can live in clothing. If you have an article of clothing that’s been exposed, simply steam it thoroughly and stop the bed bug’s spread.

Saves money and energy

The Conair is a very affordable steamer as well as energy-efficient. It has a steam pause feature so no steam is ever wasted, and you get the most out of every full tank. By using a steamer, you save a lot of money on dry cleaning while getting the same results.


Short hose

The main weakness with the Conair is small, but can affect your experience with the steamer. It has a short hose, so if you are steaming drapes, you can’t get to the top of them without putting the steamer on a chair and standing on one yourself. This can be dangerous because you’re moving a tank full of scalding water. To combat this, be extra careful, and save the tops of drapes or curtains for when the tank is less full, so it isn’t as heavy and prone to sloshing.

Overall Review

Overall, the Conair GS28 garment steamer packs a lot of punch for the money. It’s very fast, has a big tank, and can steam everything with fabric. Keep your home clean and fresh and your clothes wrinkle-free and crisp. It’s very easy with the Conair and you’ll save lots of money on dry cleaning while you’re at it.