With Plastic Steam Head
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Durable, convenient garment steamer for all fabrics

For a fabric steamer that’s quick and simple to use on a variety of fabrics and built to last, the J-2000 Jiffy garment steamer offers a durable design, a huge water tank, and a fast preheat time. Use this steamer on drapes, jeans, dress shirts, dresses, and more in one session.

1300-watt brass heating element

For a steamer to be effective, it needs to have a good heating element. Lukewarm water does nothing for fabrics, and the hotter the steam, the crisper the result. The J-2000’s 1300-watt brass heating element conducts heat extremely well and keeps that water hot until it’s all gone so you get continuous, beautiful steam.

¾ gallon water caddy

That brass heating element heats the steamer’s water caddy, which holds up to ¾ of a gallon. That’s a big water tank and will produce a lot of steam, making the Jiffy ideal for big steaming projects like a whole hamper of laundry or all the drapes in the house. The caddy is removable, so it’s easy to take out and fill (and empty). It fits conveniently in the base of the fabric steamer.

Two minute preheat for 1 ½ hour steam

Once the water is ready, it’s time for it to heat up. With a preheat time of only two minutes or less, the water is hot enough to produce enough steam for an hour and a half. While the preheat is longer than it would take an iron or even other steamers, you get significantly more steam.


Durable materials

One of the big pluses to this clothes steamer is its durable materials. In addition to the brass heating element, the outer housing of the steamer is made from high-impact plastic that resists melting or wearing down. This steamer is designed to last, so you’ll be steaming with it for years.

Easy to use

Another strength is just how easy the Jiffy is to use. It has a flexible hose (5.5 feet) that you hold and move around smoothly while you steam. When you need to move the steamer around the house to steam drapes and furniture, the steamer’s wheels make travel convenient.

Huge tank

The main advantage of the J-2000 Jiffy is just how big the water tank is. For comparison, other steamers use ounces for measuring their tanks, so ¾ gallon is 96 ounces. With the huge tank, you get more steam and more time. While you may not use all of the water at once, it’s ok to leave the water in the caddy for a few days or so. If it sits longer than that, it can cause rusting, so if you don’t plan on steaming more than every other week or longer, empty the unused water right away.


Doesn’t have tools

Unlike many similar fabric steamers, this one doesn’t have special tools for precise steaming. Without them, you may find it’s difficult to get a really pressed look for clothes. However, you might just need to spend a little extra time on really deep wrinkles in order to get them out.

Overall Review

The J-2000 Jiffy garment steamer is the perfect steamer if you want to do a full steam of your clothes and/or house. It has a huge tank that provides an hour and a half of time. It’s easy to use and durable. If you just want a steamer to do touch-ups, this is not the best steamer for you. It’s at the higher end, price-wise, but if you are someone who frequently dry cleans, you’ll save a lot of money going with the Jiffy steamer.