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Commercial-grade garment steamer that’s fast and durable

For a commercial-grade steamer that will steam out wrinkles in all your clothes, the J-4000M Jiffy Garment Steamer is fast, durable, and convenient. With its durable materials designed to withstand very hot steam and fast preheat, you can steam quickly and effectively a few hours before a big meeting, wedding, or other event.

1500-watt incoloy heating element

The heating element in the Jiffy garment steamer is made of incoloy, which is a superalloy designed specifically to hold high temperatures and resist rusting. This makes it perfect for the steamer’s purpose. It is also powerful with 1500 watts.

Preheat and steam settings

For convenient, on-demand steaming, the J-4000M has preheat and steam settings so you can quickly prepare the steamer and then start steaming right away with just the touch of a button.

2-hour steam per filling

The steamer holds about 1 gallon of water in a self-contained tank. With this amount, you get 2 hours of steam, which is a long time given the amount of water you’re using. You can efficiently steam a lot of clothes in two hours without having to refill.



One of the steamer’s main strengths is just how durable it is. With its die-cast aluminum outer housing and stainless-steel internal steam chamber, the machine is resistant to rusting and easy to wipe clean if necessary. The long hose (from which the steam actually comes out of) is also extremely durable with a wooden, heat-resistant handle.

Quick and easy

Preparing the steamer is quick and easy. Simply fill the steamer using the built-in sight gauge and wait 15 minutes while it preheats. After another 5 minutes, you are ready to use the full steam for clothes, drapes, curtains, and so on. That’s only 20 full minutes for professional-quality steaming.

Easy use

When you’re actually using the steamer, the design is beautifully simple. With just three buttons (off/preheat/steam), it’s impossible to get confused. The steamer also has an automatic shut-off, so you don’t have to worry about any burning or overheating. When you get the steamer, assembly is a breeze and you’ll be ready to steam in no time.


Awkward filling / emptying, use a watering can

The main weakness with the J-4000M is when it comes to filling and emptying the steamer body. Unlike some other steamers, there is no removable bottle you can fill with water and place inside. You have to hold the steamer up to fill it or use a watering can. However, for most people, a gallon is not very difficult to hold for a few seconds, so if you have a wide sink you can fill up in so you aren’t hitting the steamer against the sink sides, filling up and emptying should be fine.


All in all, this professional-grade steamer is very easy to use and very convenient for a variety of tasks, like steaming clothes and curtains. The J-4000M Jiffy Garment Steamer has a simple design made from very durable materials, so though it is of course much more expensive than an iron, it will last a whole lot longer and be more effective in the long run.