Full Size Garment Steamer With
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Effective, easy-to-use steamer with large tank and extra tools

The Rowenta IS200 Compact Valet full size garment steamer is not only very effective at removing wrinkles, but it’s easy to use with convenient features and tools for precise steaming. With a big water tank, you get a lot of steam for a variety of fabrics. The steamer is still compact enough for easy storage.

81 oz. removable water tank

The Rowenta’s tank holds 81 ounces of water, which creates one full hour of steam. It also doesn’t need to be distilled water for the full hour; you can use water from the tap. The tank is removable for easy filling and emptying, and is also clear so you can see exactly how much water is inside.

Built-in hanger with clips and hook

Once the water tank is full and you’re using the clothes steamer, the IS6200 comes with a convenient built-in hanger so you can hang up the clothes, sheets, and so on as you steam them. The hanger comes with a hook and garment clips for security.

Useful accessories

In addition to the hanger, this steamer comes with three useful accessories that allow you to precise and thorough steaming. The crease tool pinches down the fabric, while the fabric brush and lint pad deal with any hair, loose thread, or lint that might be sticking to your clothes.


Super easy to maneuver

If you plan on steaming furniture, drapes, or other non-clothes fabric, it’s important that your steamer moves around easily. The Rowenta has a tilt and roll design, so you move it around like it’s a suitcase. The large back wheels roll smoothly so you can pull it around the house easily.

Convenient to use

Using this fabric steamer is a breeze. With the foot-operated power switch, you turn the steamer off and on, and the stay-cool handle ensures you never burn yourself while steaming. When you’re done, the steamer is compact enough to fit in just about any closet. From start to finish, this steamer is designed for convenience and will make steaming easy.

Gets wrinkles out of everything

Every fabric gets wrinkles. This steamer will get those wrinkles out, even from more delicate clothes like dress shirts and dresses. Whether it’s a pair of jeans, a tablecloth, or a couch slipcover, the Rowenta offers effective, gentle steaming and tools for precision.


Short power cord

The main weakness with the Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet is that it has a short power cord. While this isn’t a problem when you’re using the built-in hanger for clothes, it does make it tricker to steam furniture or drapes. If you don’t have a lot of outlets and aren’t sure how you’re going to get the steamer over to what you need to work on, buy an extension cord and widen your steaming radius.

Overall Review

The Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet full size garment steamer is a convenient-sized, effective steamer that gets wrinkles out of anything using an hour’s worth of steam. It includes tools for precise cleaning, a big tank, and is very maneuverable. If you’re interested in a steamer in a mid-range price you can use anywhere, then the Rowenta IS6200 is a strong choice.