Full Size Garment Steamer With
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Powerful, convenient steamer with vertical support and accessories

The Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet full size garment steamer is a high-end garment steamer with a unique vertical support that mimics an ironing board, as well as a full selection of accessories that make thorough de-wrinkling easy and fast. With a large water tank, you can steam your whole house and wardrobe at a much faster speed than you could with an iron, and you save money.

Clear, removable water tank

The Rowenta’s large water tank holds 81 ounces of water which produces a full hour of steam for all your fabrics. It is also clear and removable, so you know exactly how much water is in the tank and when you need to refill it. Simply pop the tank out of the steamer and fill it up the sink.

Roll and press feature

The Rowenta IS6300 has a special roll and press feature that enhances the versatility and efficiency of the steamer. It acts like an ironing board so you have a vertical, solid surface where you can really press down and get out deep wrinkles. It also holds your clothes in place so you only have to use one hand.

Tilt and roll movement

Moving the steamer is easy and also only requires one hand. The IS6300 is designed like a suitcase with a tilt-and-roll, so you just roll the steamer unto its wheels and pull it by the handle. This is much safer and easier than lifting the tank of hot water.


Precise, versatile steaming

The IS6300’s various tools allow for precise, thorough steaming so you can really work out deep wrinkles. In addition to the press and roll feature, you get a fabric brush that works great on furniture and clothes with loose thread, a lint pad, and a steam bonnet to protect especially delicate fabrics. This kind of versatility is professional-grade and just does not exist with a regular iron.

Freshens and de-wrinkles everything

The Rowenta’s various tools and effective, hot steam mean you can freshen and de-wrinkle everything. That includes denim, heavy-duty drapes, delicate laces, and silk. With an iron, there are many fabrics you can’t subject to the hot metal, and they will melt or burn. You also can’t steam furniture with an iron and to get it professionally done would be really expensive.

Long steam time

Another one of the IS6300’s strength is the long steam time. The full hour of continuous, hot steam means you can steam a wide range of fabrics and furniture all in one session. Regularly steaming your home and clothes creates a fresher, healthier environment for you and your family, and one hour is definitely a good length of time for that chore.


Hose bunches

The main issue with the Rowenta is with the hose. It isn’t made of a very stiff material and when you hold the hose down lower to get the hem of clothes, sheets, and drapes, it tends to fold in on itself and cut the steam off. The reason is because the hose is covered with fabric. To deal with this problem, move the clothes up on the hanger so you don’t have to hold the hose low.

Overall Review

All in all, the Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet full size garment steamer is a powerful steamer designed to get out deep wrinkles out of all fabrics, even delicates. It has lots of tools like the roll and press, which make it one of the more thorough steamers you can buy, which explains the higher price. Take advantage of the large water tank and full hour of steam by refreshing your whole home.