Pro 1500 Watt SteamWorks Pro
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Convenient, fast fabric steamer that’s multi-purpose with accessories

With the Singer SteamWorks Pro garment and fabric steamer, you get a steamer with a big tank, a variety of accessories, and fast, professional-quality steam power. The steamer is more convenient than irons, less expensive than dry-cleaning, and perfect for refreshing your home and clothes.

84 oz. removable water tank

A big water tank means more steam, which means more fresh clothes and fabrics. The SteamWorks Pro has an 84 ounce tank that is removable, so you can easily fill and empty it. With that 84 ounces, you get an hour and a half of steam after only 45 seconds of heat time.

Premium fabric hose

Using the hose, you run the steamhead over all your fabrics. The Singer SteamWorks hose is insulated and covered with fabric for your safety, so the hose doesn’t get hot to the touch.

Hanger system, crease clip, fabric brush, steaming board, and protective glove

In addition to the main steamhead, the Singer comes with lots of accessories for versatile and thorough steaming. With the hanger system, you can easily hang every kind of clothes, from pants to dresses. Create perfect creases with the crease clip, get rid of hair and lint with the fabric brush, work out deep wrinkles with the board, and protect your hands with the included glove.



When it comes to speed, the Singer SWP.02 is great. You wait less than a minute for the water to heat up, and get 90 minutes of continuous steam. That fast preheat time is great for when you’re in a hurry and need to get deep wrinkles out of uniforms, evening wear, and so on.


Since standing steamers are bigger than irons, storage can be a problem. However, with the collapsible pole and the 11-pound tank (when empty), the SteamWorks can fit in tight spaces. Considering irons also need bulky, ironing boards, the steamer is really more space-efficient.

Big tank

Another plus to the SteamWorks is that big water tank. Many steamers have the same preheat time, but hold less water. The SteamWorks is more efficient and gets a lot more done with all that steam.


Lots of plastic

The main issue with the SteamWorks SWP.02 Pro is that it’s mostly made of plastic. Even though it’s strong, exposure to a lot of heat will eventually wear down the plastic and cause melting. The concern is that the steamer won’t last very long. One solution is to be careful with storing the steamer and always emptying the unused water.

Overall Review

The Singer SteamWorks Pro garment and fabric steamer is a very affordable steamer with a full set of accessories that produce professional-quality results. From the large tank to the crease and fabric tools, you can freshen and de-wrinkle all kinds of fabrics without spending a fortune at the dry cleaners or damaging your clothes with irons.