SF-407 Steamer
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Lightweight, quick garment steamer ideal for all fabrics

The Steamfast SF-407 fabric steamer is convenient, fast, and works on any kind of fabric you can think of. At 1500-watts, the steamer gets hot quickly so you can steam an outfit in a rush if you need to. It also comes with handy tools for precise steaming on problem wrinkles.

40 oz. removable water tank

One of the most convenient features of this steamer is the 40 ounce removable water tank. Simply remove the tank and fill it with tap or distilled water. Distilled water tends to produce longer-lasting steam, but using tap water won’t hurt the steamer. When you are done steaming and have extra water left over, just remove the tank again and pour out what’s left.

Preheats in 45 seconds for 45 minutes of steam

Once the tank is full, just turn on the steamer and wait 45 seconds. This is all the time the SF-407 needs and you’ll have 45 minutes worth of hot, powerful steam that will gently straighten out wrinkles and freshen fabric.

Extra tools

For more precise steaming, the Steamfast also comes with tools. With the telescopic wand, you can steam long dresses, skirts, and sheets at their full length. No more ironing in stages while hunching over a board. The attachable fabric brush gets rid of hair or lint, and the press pad helps with creases.


Works for a variety of jobs

The Steamfast is not limited to just steaming and pressing clothes. You can steam your drapes, freshening them up after a stuffy winter, and then steam furniture like sofas and armchairs. Every kind of fabric wrinkles, and the Steamfast can get rid of all of them.


The Steamfast is very lightweight at only 8 pounds. Combine this with the four rolling casters and you have a steamer that’s easy to move around the house for all your steaming jobs.

Quick and easy

Using the steamer is quick and easy. It takes less work than ironing, and is a lot more effective at getting out wrinkles. Fill the steamer up before an evening out and steam a dress or dress shirt so it looks and smells like it came back from the dry cleaner’s.


Gets really hot

The main weakness with the SF-407 is that it can get really hot to the touch. The water also tends to leak a little, and you could burn yourself. Use extra caution when moving the full, hot steamer around, and strongly consider wearing gloves for total protection when steaming. Never steam anything when it is on your body.

Overall Review

Overall, the Steamfast SF-407 is a small, easy-to-move steamer with convenient tools for precise steaming. It is also very fast and versatile, so you can use it for clothes, drapes, and anything with fabric on it. It is also very affordable and a great choice for you if you’re sick of ironing but don’t want to spend money on the dry cleaner’s or an expensive steamer.