Steamfast SF-510 Fabric
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Versatile, gentle 46 oz. steamer provides 50 minutes of steam

The Steamfast SF-510 fabric steamer is gentle on even the most delicate of fabrics, doesn’t burn, and is more effective than an iron. With convenient features like a removable water tank, fast preheat time, and accessories for more precise steaming, you’ll use the Steamfast on everything that has wrinkles.

46 oz. removable water tank

With a removable water tank, you don’t have to lift up the whole steamer every time you need to fill it or empty out the unused water. The tank holds 46 ounces of water for nearly an hour of continuous steam.

Preheats in 45 seconds

Once the tank is full of water, you want to begin steaming. Just turn on the SF-510 and after only 45 seconds, it’s ready. While that’s longer than an iron takes, it’s still extremely fast and you get 50 minutes of steam time after only waiting well under two minutes.

Includes tools

When you’re steaming, you get the option of using tools. The telescopic pole allows you steam long dresses or skirts at their full-length, the clothes hanger keeps everything straight and secure, and the fabric brush gets rid of lint, pet hair, and other eyesores.


Works on a lot of fabric

One of the Steamfast’s strengths is that it works on all kinds of fabric. This includes delicate dress shirts, denim, and furniture fabrics. The hot steam works out deep wrinkles, freshens musty fabric, and keeps sofas and armchairs looking crisp and pressed.

Maneuvers easily

You want a steamer that you can move around easily, whether it’s all around the house or just out of the closet to the laundry room. The Steamfast SF-510 has large wheels at the back for smooth, stable movement so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over or being awkward.

Tidy design

The Steamfast has a convenient, neat design. The accessories are all onboard so they don’t get separated from the steamer or lost. The steamer also has an integrated cord wrap to keep things tidy.


Small tank

The main weakness with the Steamfast SF-510 is that it has a small water tank (46 oz). The next tank size up in the Steamfast brand is 78 ounces. The small tank also means that the steam can run out faster than the projected 50 minutes. For best results and that full 50 minutes, use distilled water instead of tap.

Overall Review

Overall, this affordable clothes steamer works really well on all kinds of fabric, from silky dresses to furniture. It is small and easy to move around, and a much more effective option than an iron. If you’ve been dissatisfied with regular irons, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, the Steamfast SF-510 fabric steamer is the way to go.