047171540003 Deluxe Fabric Steamer
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Effective, gentle fabric steamer with removable tank and tools

The Steamfast SF-540 Deluxe fabric steamer is more effective and gentler than an iron, and freshens a variety of fabrics while removing wrinkles. It is also very easy to use and transport. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to ironing or dry cleaning, consider the SF-540 for all your pressing and steaming needs.

78-ounce removable water tank

In order to produce steam, the SF-540 uses a 78-ounce tank where the water heats up. This is a really good-sized tank so you can expect a lot of steam. The tank is also removable, which is extremely convenient. You just remove the tank whenever you need to refill it or empty out the unused water.

45 second preheat, 80 minutes of steam

The steamer only needs 45 seconds to heat the water and you get 80 minutes of steam. This is a lot longer than what an iron can offer. You can steam full loads of laundry very quickly and get better results.

Telescopic pole, fabric brush, press pad, and crease tool

For trickier steam jobs, the SF-540 Deluxe gives you four tools that make steaming effective and precise. With the pole, you can steam full-length dresses, and so on without anything bunching up. The brush gets rid of lingering dust, lint, and hair, while the press pad lets you focus on deep-set wrinkles by imitating an iron. The crease tool pinches fabric so you can create perfectly-crisp creases in pants and skirts.



Versatility is definitely one of the SF-540’s greatest strengths. You can steam and freshen blouses, pants, coats, dresses, drapes, and even furniture. Because the steam is gentle, you can use it on very delicate fabrics that you could never iron, and on fabrics that would melt or burn. That will never happen with the Steamfast.


The SF-540 is just an all-around convenient steamer. You can move it around easily using the back wheels, fill it and empty it in seconds, and features like the garment clip turns the steamer into a portable dry cleaner’s where you can do all of the steaming right in your own bedroom.


Sometimes you choose a dress shirt for work or dress for a party, and realize it’s wrinkled. You don’t have time for laundry. With the SF-540, the steamer is ready in 45 seconds and you get more than enough steam time to transform your wrinkled clothes into brand-new.


Plastic water bucket

The main problem with the SF-540 is the plastic water bucket. The hot water can warp and melt the plastic. This is a durability problem, and after time, the bucket can become too warped to use. To help deal with this problem, never leave hot water sitting in the steamer when you’re not using it.

Overall Review

The Steamfast SF-540 Deluxe fabric steamer is an affordable, fast steamer with versatile steaming abilities and convenient extras like a crease tool and fabric brush. Ideal for situations where you need a fast steam, you get almost an hour and a half worth of steam after a 45-second wait.