Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 Washer
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Powerful commercial-grade electric pressure washer with a heavy-duty induction motor, CAT pump, and easy storage

For big cleaning projects like washing out stables, construction equipment, and commercial spaces, the powerhouse Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 pressure washer has all the features. It has a heavy-duty induction motor that works like it’s powered by gas, a CAT pump designed to last a long time, and easy-storage features like wheels and a foldable handle.

120v induction motor

The motor on the Campbell Hausfeld is extremely impressive. It’s electric, but functions like a gas-powered motor. It has 120v and 2HP, so it has the power to clean virtually anything off of large spaces, but without the noise or emissions of gas motors. You can use the pressure washer indoors or outdoors.

Professional-grade CAT pump

The pump on a pressure washer is very important. If it isn’t effective or built to last, the whole pressure washer will fail. The pump on the CP5211 is a commercial-grade CAT pump with a tri-plex design. It has ceramic plungers and superior seals so you can use the pressure washer frequently without worrying about parts wearing down or failing.

Five quick-connect tips

You don’t always want to use the pressure washer at full-blast. The five connect tips on this washer give you options about cleaning pressures, so you can choose what is best for the space or object you’re washing. Some of the tips include choices like Soap and 25-degree. The tips store right on the pressure washer, so you don’t misplace any of them.


Convenient storage

Storing this pressure washer isn’t hard. It has a portable cart complete with large wheels, so you can move it to wherever you want to keep it without having to lift it. All the essential parts of the pressure, like the hose, cord, gun, and tips, store onboard, and the handle even folds down so you can use your storage space more efficiently.

Long hose and power cord

Because electric washers need to be connected to a power source at all times, you can be limited in terms of how far out you can go. The Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 anticipates this problem and gives you a super long hose (35-feet) and a long pressure hose (25-feet). You can keep the washer plugged in and expand your cleaning range to reach every spot.

Ideal for big cleaning tasks

This is a commercial pressure washer and it was designed for big jobs. This includes commercial kitchens, docks, stables, and big farming and construction equipment. Other pressure washers just don’t have the necessary motor or pressure to handle these kind of tasks, but the Campbell Hausfeld with its 2HP motor and 2,000 PSI is more than equipped.


Not good for light tasks

Bigger isn’t always better. You might think you can get this pressure washer and use it on everything, including lighter jobs like washing your car, but the Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 is so powerful it can actually damage spaces it wasn’t intended for. Don’t use it for small jobs. You’ll have to get another, less powerful pressure washer for those.

Overall Review

The Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 is a powerful commercial pressure washer to be used (only) for big tasks, like cleaning horse and livestock stables or industrial spaces. It’s big draw is its electric motor that performs like a gas engine, but without all the ozone-depleting emissions and noise. It boasts 2HP and a superior pump, and has a long hose and power cord to make up for the fact that it does have to plugged in at all times.