GX200 Pressure Washer
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Reliable pressure washer with Honda engine, CAT pump, and cleaning versatility

If your “wish list” for a commercial pressure washer includes reliability and durability, the DeWalt DXPW60603 3200 PSI Honda pressure washer should please you. It has a great Honda engine, a pump with features designed to keep it running for a long time, and also multi-purpose cleaning abilities thanks to different nozzles and a downstream detergent injection system.

Honda Commercial Series engine

The DeWalt is powered by a Honda GX200 Commercial Series engine that’s easy to start and reliable. It provides 3200 PSI of pressure, which is a good amount for tougher tasks like cleaning large patios, garages, driveways, and commercial spaces. To help with maintenance, the engine has an Oil Alert that will let you know when you’re running low on oil. This helps prevent engine damage.

CAT Triplex Plunger pump

The pump on the pressure washer is also responsible for the washer’s overall effectiveness. The DeWalt’s pump is a CAT-brand with direct drive. Ceramic pistons allow the pump to operate at a cooler temperature, so it doesn’t wear out as quickly. It can also be rebuilt if necessary.

Pro-Style wand

The pressure washer’s wand is what allows you to have flexibility in your cleaning. It’s a steel Pro-Style and comes with Quick-Connect nozzle tips: 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, and Soap.

Welded steel frame and pneumatic tires

With its welded construction, the DeWalt is both durable and reliable. It is made from 1 1/4-inch thick tubular steel with a steel engine plate and axle. The whole unit is supported by large, 10-inch premium pneumatic tires that keep the pressure washer stable even on tougher terrain like farmland.



A big part of a pressure washer’s life expectancy is how durable it is. The DXPW60603’s frame is made from heavy-gauge steel tubing with a welded construction. It also has 10-inch pneumatic tires that stabilize the Dewalt pressure washer on rough ground.

More detergents

A lot of pressure washers allow you to use detergents, but you’re limited in terms of what you can use. With its downstream detergent injection system, you have more options about what detergents you can use in the DeWalt.

Easy-use hose

Being able to use the hose comfortably is very important. The DeWalt DXPW60603 has a 25-foot hose that’s high-pressure and steel-braided. It cleans very effectively and quickly, and doesn’t flop around or bend. Attaching the nozzle tips is hassle-free.


Shorter hose

Though it’s effective, the 25-foot hose is a little short. There are a lot of other pressure washers that have hoses that are 35 or even 50-feet. Having a shorter hose lessens your cleaning radius, though because the DeWalt is gas-powered, you aren’t limited by a power cord like you would be with electric washers.

No adjustable pressure

You can’t adjust the water pressure on this washer. That makes it less than ideal for smaller jobs where too-strong a water blast can actually cause damages. Having the nozzles helps switch up your style.

Overall Review

The DeWalt DXPW60603 3200 PSI GX200 Honda pressure washer is durable and long-lasting. Much of this is because of the engine and pump, which are designed with life-extending features and protections like an Oil Alert and ceramic pistons. It’s also versatile and comes with different nozzles for a variety of cleaning tasks, whether you’re washing out a factory floor, warehouse, or large patio.