PSI Gas Commercial Pressure Washer
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Versatile commercial pressure washer with a superior engine, Pro-Grade pump, and convenient features

Ideal for large cleaning jobs like washing out horse stables or spraying down construction equipment, the Generac 6564 3,800 PSI Commercial Pressure Washer is equipped with a powerful and efficient OHV engine and a Pro-Grade pump that will last longer than other washers’ pumps. In addition to these necessities, the pressure washer also has features designed specifically for convenience, like an adjustable side handle, long hose, and Never-Flat tires.

302cc OHV engine

The source of the pressure washer’s power can be found in the 302cc OHV engine. Overhead valve engines are known for their efficiency and quieter operation, so even as a gas-powered machine, the Generac doesn’t guzzle gas or make a ton of noise. To protect the engine, the Generac also includes a low-oil shutdown sensor so when you’re running low on oil, the pressure washer automatically shuts down so the engine doesn’t get damaged.

Triplex pump

After the engine, a pressure washer’s pump is what handles the most work. The Pro-Grade Triplex pump on the Generac 6564 is made for a long life, specifically four times longer than axial cam pumps. It is able to withstand a lot of pressure and provide superior cleaning power for large jobs.

Quick-Click nozzle tips

Not every cleaning task requires the same water pressure. Washing down a restaurant patio is a little different than cleaning a sailboat. To add versatility to the Generac, you have the option of using up to five Quick-Click nozzle tips that include a 0-degree, a 40-degree, and a Soap tip. They attach easily to the wand so you transition quickly between water pressures and cleaning styles as you work.



Commercial pressure washers like the Generac are big. To help with stabilization and control, the Generac 6564 comes with oversized, Never-Flat tires that designed to move smoothly even on rougher ground. You can maneuver the pressure washer around without worrying about it tipping over.

Great hose

The Generac has a great hose made of steel-braided Polyurethane. It’s also 35 feet long, so you get a pretty decently-sized cleaning range where you can work around large spaces without getting tangled up. This makes cleaning go faster and more comfortably.

Convenient handle

Attached to the hose is a 24-inch gun complete with an adjustable side handle. This handle gives you a lot of control and is designed to be comfortable, so you can easily clean from a variety of angles.



The Generac 6564 is very heavy at 129 pounds. Because the hose isn’t as long as some other industrial power washers, you might have to move the actual unit as you clean. Luckily, the oversized wheels help a lot with taking off the full weight, so you don’t have to worry about literally carrying the Generac anywhere.

Overall Review

Though it’s heavy, the Generac 6564 3,800 PSI OHV gas-powered commercial pressure washer has lots of convenient features, like Never-Flat tires and a hose handle. You can harness the full power of the 302cc engine without struggling to manage the weight. Because of its power, the Generac is best for big jobs like cleaning commercial spaces, and the Quick-Click tips add versatility into the mix. The pump is also impressive, and will ensure that the pressure washer is usable for a long time.