Generac 6565
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Powerful gas-powered commercial pressure washer with long-lasting pump, Quick-Click nozzle tips, and long hose

The Generac 6565 commercial pressure washer uses a gas engine to generate its powerful cleaning abilities. With 12.3HP and 4,200 PSI, it’s one of the most powerful pressure washers out there, so it’s ideal for the toughest jobs. The pump is also superior and is built to endure a lot of use. For more versatility, Quick-Click nozzle tips are included, and the hose is very long for a wide cleaning radius.

420cc Generac OHV Engine

The 4,200 PSI pressure washer’s power comes from its engine. It’s a 420 cc OHV engine, which means the overhead valve design helps with a quieter operation and more fuel efficiency. The low-oil shutdown sensor is also in place to help protect the engine, so it has a longer life. In horsepower, it has 12.3, which is a lot more than comparably-priced pressure washers.

Pro-Grade Triplex Pump

Having a reliable pump is very important if you want your pressure washer to be around for a long time. The Pro-Grade Triplex pump is designed to last up to four times longer than other axial cam pumps, thanks to the superior heat dissipation. Making hose connections on the pump is convenient as well, as the pump is placed above the ground so you don’t have to bend down.

Quick-Click nozzle tips

Not every cleaning job requires the same water pressure. For more versatility, the Generac 6565 comes with five Quick-Click nozzle tips: 0-degree Blast, 15-degree Strip, 25-degree Clean, 40-degree Wash, and Soap. Attaching them to your hose is hassle-free, and you have a lot of options for every kind of cleaning job.


Superior tires

As a commercial pressure washer, the Generac 6565 is larger and needs excellent wheel support. The tires on this washer are very large and pneumatic, so they provide smooth maneuverability and shock absorption, so they stay stable even on uneven ground.

Really long hose

The pressure washer’s hose is 50 feet, which is very long. It widens your cleaning radius and allows you to move more freely around the space or object you’re washing, without having to move the heavy pressure washer itself.

Really powerful

The Generac 6565 is incredibly powerful. With 12.3HP and 4,200 PSI, it’s one of the most powerful pressure washers out there and is ideal for really tough cleaning tasks like washing out livestock stables, cleaning construction and farm equipment, and big commercial spaces. So much power also results in shorter cleaning times, so you don’t have to spend a long time going over spots again and again to get them really clean.


Not environmentally-friendly

The Generac 6564 doesn’t meet CARB standards and emits a lot of fumes. Because of this, it isn’t sold in California and is “dirtier” than electric washers or CARB-compliant washers. The OHV engine helps a little with efficiency, but clearly not enough to earn the 6565 the California Air Resources Board’s approval.

Overall Review

If your cleaning tasks are very difficult and other washers haven’t been up to it, the Generac 6565 4,200 PSI OHV commercial pressure washer is one of the most powerful washers out there and is more than able to handle the toughest jobs. It has a reliable OHV engine and superior, long-lasting pump that form the base for the washer’s durability and cleaning power. Quick-Click nozzle tips add versatility, and the whole unit is stabilized by pneumatic tires. Though the pressure washer isn’t CARB-compliant, it’s still an extremely effective piece of equipment designed for farmers, industrial workers, and other professionals.