Kranzle USA 11-130 Review
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Safe, heavy-duty hot water commercial pressure washer combines diesel and electric power, has a long-lasting pump, and lots of accessories

The Kranzle USA 11-130 Hot Water Industrial Pressure Washer is meant for the toughest cleaning jobs you can imagine. It uses water heated by a diesel fuel and a motor run by electricity to create an extremely powerful cleaning tool with lots of accessories, like two nozzles and chemical injection. The pump is also very durable, as it should be, since hot water can really wear down an inferior pump quickly.

Single-phase TEFC electric motor with diesel-fueled heater

The motor on the Kranzle is electric and designed with a single-phase. This means the motor is relatively simple, more affordable, and requires less maintenance than a three-phase motor. The electrical motor (220V) powers the pump, while clean-burning diesel fuel heats up the water within a separate combustion chamber.

Integrated trolley design w/ large wheels

For durability, the Kranzle’s casings are made of 1/4″-inch thick galvanized steel. It also comes with an integrated trolley with wide rubber tires and shock absorbing buffers so you can use the pressure washer on uneven ground. This also makes the washer safer, which will be discussed further in the “Strengths” section.

Self-priming pump

The pump on the C 11-130 industrial pressure washer self-primes and has features in place to prevent damage, like run-dry capability and an automatic shut-off when the spray gun isn’t in use. These features extend the life of your pump, which means you can use the pressure for many years without losing efficiency.

Inlet water filter

Not all pressure washers include water filters, which leads to a higher risk of pump, hose, and nozzle damage. The Kranzle’s filter reduces the amount of damage-causing contaminants found in water, so your pressure washer stays sturdy. The filter is easy to install and requires very little maintenance.


Ideal for really big jobs

This pressure washer is an industrial-grade washer with 2000 PSI and was meant for really tough jobs. We’re talking chemical plants, factories, and huge construction equipment. Other pressure washers just do not have the power or other features necessary to tackle this level of cleaning difficulty, so this pressure washer is definitely the cream of the crop.

Lots of accessories

In addition to sheer power, you get a lot of accessories on this pressure washer. This includes a gun-jet lance, fan spray nozzle, chemical injection, and a 50-foot, wire-braided hose on a reel.


Safety is very important, especially when hot water is involved. The Kranzle comes with a flame monitor and temperature control, so you can maintain safety at all times and be aware of what is going on with the pressure washer. The auto on/off gun-jet control also helps prevent accidents.



The Kranzle USA Therm pressure washer is expensive. As in, two or three times more expensive than other pressure washers, many with higher PSI. On the other hand, this pressure washer does include hot water and has more features designed to preserve the integrity of the machine. It also is one of the few pressure washers meant for the toughest cleaning jobs and industrial usage.


At over 300 pounds, this pressure washer is heavy. It does have a long hose, which reduces the need to actually move the machine, and when you do have to move it, the trolley with solid, rubber wheels helps take off most of the burden.

Overall Review

The Kranzle USA Therm C 11-130 Hot Water Electric Industrial pressure washer utilizes the power of diesel and electricity to handle the biggest cleaning jobs you could think of. Designed for cleaning food processors, factories, and more, the Kranzle uses hot water, which is more effective on greasy spaces than cold. The pump and engine are also designed for reliability and have numerous features in place that help extend the life of the machine, so you can expect to use it for years to come.