Mi-T-M CW-3004-4MGH Honda 3000
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Durable cold water pressure washer with a Honda engine, belt-drive pump, and water filter

With a high 3000 PSI, Honda engine, and belt-drive pump, the Mi-T-M Cold Water commercial pressure washer forms a very effective, versatile cleaning tool that will last for years to come even with frequent use. The engine and pump are both designed with energy-saving features and are made to resist the common stresses that commercial pressure washers endure. A water filter helps with sediment, which wears down a washer. For more cleaning variety, the long hose has four different nozzle tips and a swivel head.

Honda OHV engine

Overhead valve engines, which the Mi-T-M is equipped with, are known for their energy-efficiency and durability. The Honda OHV engine is no exception and also provides low-oil protection and a high 3000 PSI for water-blasting cleaning power.

Belt-drive triplex piston pump

The pump on this commercial pressure washer is one of the more unique designs out there. It’s a belt-drive triplex piston, which means it absorbs vibrations, has a lower-operating temperature, and is built to last a long time. The dual-cogged belt-drive system also assists in longevity.

Water filter

The water you use in your pressure washer often has contaminants and sediment that can wear down the hose, nozzle, and pump. To prevent this damage, the Mi-T-M has a water filter in place that can help get rid of these contaminants and keep your pressure washer running longer.



You don’t always want to use the same nozzle tip for every cleaning job. Different degrees provide different advantages, so to keep your cleaning style effective and versatile, you get four additional tips: a 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, and 40-degree.

Durable construction

The Mi-T-M CW-3004-4MGH pressure washer has a very durable construction that make it ideal for use around other heavy equipment that might bump into it. It has a powder-coated steel base plate and solid-steel threaded axle. Steel is heavier than aluminum, which is also commonly-used for pressure washers, but it’s also more durable.

Superior hose

The hose is where all the water comes out of and what you are in contact with most. For your convenience, it stretches about 50-feet and has quick connects, so attaching different nozzle tips is simple. The hose also has a swivel head and bend restrictors, so you don’t get all tangled when you’re using it.


More expensive

This pressure washer is pricier than other pressure washers. It isn’t the most expensive one out there, but it’s definitely intended for professional use, like if you’re responsible for cleaning out stables or warehouses. It does last longer than other pressures that don’t have water filters or OHV engines though, so you get your money back in use.

Overall Review

The Mi-T-M CW-3004-4MGH Cold Water 3000 PSI pressure washer is expensive, but it will last a very long time and has a lot of power. The pump, belt-drive system, and durable construction all contribute to the washer’s long life, and additional nozzles help give you more flexibility as you clean. If you know you’ll be needing a pressure washer in the years to come, this is a great option.