3000 Wet Steam Water
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Effective steam & hot water pressure washer with a diesel-fueled burner, CAT pump, and multi-purpose hose with nozzles

The NorthStar 3000 PSI harness the power of steam and hot water so you can clean a variety of big, commercial projects quickly and effectively. Heated by a gas-fueled burner, the hot water is best suited to eating away at grease and oils. The CAT-brand pump, which has a chemical injector, is designed to last a long time, so you can plan on using the machine (along with its versatile hose and nozzles) for all of your future cleaning tasks.

Honda engine w/ heater

The NorthStar is a gas-powered pressure washer, and is equipped with Honda engine. The hot water is generated by an encased coil assembly located inside a combustion chamber. This chamber is designed to work at lower temperatures to help save on fuel, and it can heat water up to 250 degrees at 3000 PSI for use as steam or as a stream of water.

CAT 66DX Triplex Plunger pump

A good commercial pressure washer pump should last for a decade or more. The NorthStar’s pump is a Triplex Plunger pump complete with heat-resistant ceramic plungers and a chemical injector for cleaning versatility. The Triplex Plunger design is intended to extend the pump’s lifespan and protect it against common wear-and-tear, so it can hold up against frequent, heavy use.

Spray gun

The NorthStar’s spray gun, which sends out 3000 PSI-worth of water and steam, is a rear hose-entry gun. It is made from steel-braided rubber and comes with six nozzles that attach easily to the hose: the 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, Steam, and Soap. This is more nozzles than what you would get with many other pressure washers, so you have even more flexibility and control over your cleaning style.



The NorthStar pressure washer is very powerful. Its engine generates almost 12HP, so you can expect even the toughest cleaning tasks to be relatively easy and fast. A powerful pressure washer also means you can use it for a long time during one cleaning session without worrying about it losing its effectiveness or wearing down.

Excellent cart

Every pressure washer needs to be maneuverable. You’ll be cleaning big spaces, and you will need to move. The NorthStar’s cart is made of steel and has 14-inch pneumatic tires, which is bigger than the 10 or so inches you’ll find on many other washers.

Superior cleaning

As a hot water pressure washer, the NorthStar cleans extremely well. The high temperatures enhance the power of detergents and reduces the surface tension of the water itself so grease and other grime is pierced and melted away more effectively. Cold water is better for washing away sand and gravel, but for spaces like food processors, factories, and commercial kitchens, hot is the way to go.



As a hot water pressure washer, the NorthStar is more expensive than a cold water one. If you be cleaning more grease-based messes, the extra cash spend on the NorthStar can be worth it. If you only need cold water then there are cheaper models available with the same power.

Overall Review

The NorthStar 3,000 PSI Gas Wet Steam & Hot Water pressure washer is both more effective on grease and has a longer lifespan than many other professional pressure washers. Its engine and pump have features in place specifically to extend the life of the washer, like ceramic plungers and thermal protection, so you can get a lot of cleaning jobs done with it.