Electric Cold Washer
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Basic, durable pressure washer with 3000PSI, a CAT pump, and Quick-Connect nozzles

If you need a pressure washer that’s more powerful than average, but isn’t so powerful that it doesn’t work for lighter jobs, the 5HP NorthStar 1573021 Electric Cold Water pressure washer is a good balance between effective and energy-efficient. It has strong basic features like a sturdy CAT pump and some nozzle options, and it’s electric, so there are no emissions.

5HP Leeson motor

The NorthStar is equipped with a Leeson motor and works with a 230V/30A circuit. Leeson electric motors are designed to be very efficient as well as low vibration, so you aren’t using any more energy than absolutely necessary. In terms of power, it has about 5HP, which is more than enough to clean larger areas like big patios, long driveways, and boats.

CAT 4DNX pump

The CAT 4DNX pump comes with both brass manifold and ceramic plungers. The ceramic plungers help the pump operate with less heat so it doesn’t wear down as quickly, and the forged brass manifold adds strength to the overall pump design.

25-foot hose

The hose on the NorthStar 1573021 is 25-feet long and is high-pressure. It shoots out a powerful blast (3000 PSI, to be specific), which is great for cleaning areas where grime is really stuck and needs that force to come loose. 25 feet is a little shorter than the hoses on other pressure washers, and the drawbacks of that will be discussed in the “Weaknesses” section.


Adjustable pressure

Adjustable pressure allows you to have more versatility when you’re cleaning. With certain spaces and objects, a full-force blast might actually cause damage, so with the adjustable pressure, you can reduce the power for certain tasks. This allows you to clean more without worrying about the negative effects of too-strong water pressure.

Quick-connect nozzles

Continuing on with the NorthStar’s versatility, you get two additional nozzle tips that easily attach to the wand. There’s a 25-degree and a Soap tip, as well as a chemical injector. Having additional tips allow you to switch up your cleaning routine and experiment with what is most effective for any given task.

Durable and maneuverable

Since pressure washers go through a lot of stress when they’re used frequently, it’s important that they’re durable enough to handle everything. The NorthStar Electric has a tubular steel frame, steel baseplate frame, and large pneumatic tires for stabilization. It can handle being moved around and being used a lot without parts breaking down or wearing out.


Hose is shorter than comparable models

Price-wise, there are other pressure washers that have much longer hoses. Having a hose as short as 25 feet is a problem since, as an electric washer, the NorthStar needs to be plugged into a power source. You don’t get as much of a cleaning radius with a short hose, and you’ll have to move the actual pressure washer around quite a bit to reach every spot of a larger cleaning project.

Only two nozzles

The NorthStar 1573021 only comes with two additional nozzles. Other washers have more nozzles, which gives them more versatility over this pressure washer.

Overall Review

The NorthStar 1573021 Electric 3000 PSI Cold Water pressure washer is a durable machine that works for both smaller and larger cleaning jobs. The engine and pump are both effective and environmentally-friendly, and you have the ability to adjust the water pressure. Because you can adjust the water pressure it won’t cause damage like very powerful pressure washers do, so you have more flexibility about what and where you clean.