Pressure Washer With CAT Pump
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Heavy-duty, CARB-compliant professional pressure washer with superior engine, CAT pump, and hose

With one of the highest horsepowers on a gas-powered pressure washer, the Pressure Pro E4040HC Honda pressure washer also boasts a superior CAT pump and engine protection that keep this commercial washer running for years to come. Unlike many gas-powered washers, it’s also CARB-compliant, so it’s cleaner and doesn’t contribute to poor air quality. For flexibility while you clean, the Pressure Pro’s hose is a massive 50-feet long, so you get a very wide cleaning radius whether you’re washing construction equipment, a large commercial space, or stables.

13HP Honda engine

A sturdy engine is very important for any type of heavy-duty machine, and the Pressure Pro is no exception. It is equipped with a GX390 Honda engine and in addition to being powerful with 13HP, it’s easy to start and relatively quiet.

CAT Triplex Plunger pump

Pressure washer pumps go through a lot of stress, so you want a pump that is built to last. The CAT Triplex Plunger pump is made with ceramic parts, which run cool and help keep the pump from overheating and wearing down. The pump can also be rebuilt, so if it does succumb under frequent use, you don’t have to throw out the whole washer.

Thermo Sensor

Both the engine and pump are the parts of the pressure washer that take the most heat. To help them stay in good shape, the Pressure Pro has a Thermo Sensor in place that stops overheating from occurring in bypass mode. The pressure washer will also shutdown if it senses that there’s low oil, so the motor and pump are protected.



The Pressure Pro E4040HC is CARB-compliant. This means it meets the standards of the California Air Resources Board and qualifies as a lower-emissions machine. Though it runs on gas, it is significantly cleaner and more energy-efficient than other pressure washers that aren’t CARB-compliant.

Versatile cleaning nozzles

For cleaning jobs that require more versatility and for when you don’t want to use the pressure washer at full blast, the E4040HC comes with 5 Quick-Connect nozzle tips that include 0-degree, 25-degree, and chemical application.

Superior hose

The Pressure Pro’s hose is 50 feet, which is one of the longer hoses on pressure washers of this type. It is also steel-reinforced, so it doesn’t get matted up or weak when you stretch it out to its full length. You have a wider cleaning radius with a hose this long, and don’t have to move the actual pressure washer around that often.


Upper end price-wise

The Pressure Pro is much more expensive than other pressure washers. However, unlike those pressure washers, it is CARB-compliant and boasts 4000 PSI. If power and efficiency are top priorities for you, this would be the logical choice, if you have a tighter budget and don’t need the high PSI you can get an more affordable pressure washer with similar features.

Overall Review

The Pressure Pro E4040HC Heavy Duty pressure washer is both powerful and energy-efficient. In addition to its CARB-compliancy, it has engine and pump protections in place to extend the life of the washer, so you get more out of the washer, which is good, considering how expensive it is. You also get more flexible cleaning features, like five nozzle tips and a long hose. Whether you need a powerful pressure washer to clean lake docks or a commercial kitchen, the Pressure Pro is a great choice.