MB1223 Hot Water Pressure Washer
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Heavy-duty commercial pressure washer uses hot water, a Triplex pump, and four Quick-Connect nozzles for superior cleaning

The Simpson Mini-Brute MB1223 1,200 PSI Pressure Washer uses hot water fueled by clean-burning diesel for a more effective cleaning experience that’s perfect for washing up greasy spaces. The Triplex pump is powered by electricity, and is made to resist wear-and-tear that the hot water tends to cause. To add versatility to your cleaning style, the hose comes with four Quick-Connect nozzles that are easily accessible.

Diesel-powered burner and 120-volt motor

The hot water on the Simpson Mini-Brute is heated in a diesel-fired combustion chamber. This fuel burns clean and gets the water up to 100 degrees hotter than when it came into the chamber. This allows you to more effectively clean greasy areas like commercial kitchens. In addition the diesel-fueled heater, the motor is powered by 120 volts of electricity for an even cleaner energy source.

Triplex Plunger pump

Because hot water can be really tough on the pump, it’s crucial that it be designed to last. The Triplex Plunger has just this design in addition to an Automatic Total Stop system that shuts off both the pump and motor whenever the trigger to the gun is released. This prevents leaking or hot-water accidents.

Quick-Connect nozzles

Additional nozzle tips give you more versatility when it comes to cleaning. Different degrees and strengths give you more control over the kinds of spaces you clean, and what you’re cleaning, whether it be packed-on manure, dirt, or grease. The Mini-Brute has four Quick-Connect nozzles: a 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, and Soap.



Commercial pressure washers are heavy, and since there’s hot water involved, it’s extra important that you feel safe and secure when moving the washer around. The Simpson Mini-Brute comes with a compact design and 13-inch pneumatic tires that stay flat and even even on rougher terrain, like the kind you would find outdoors on a farm or construction site.


Safety is one your top priorities. The Mini-Brute has a high-temperature limit switch so the water never gets hotter than a specific, safe-operation boundary. There’s also an overpressure safety relief valve, so you can feel confident when using the washer.

Convenient onboard storage

The Simpson MB1223 has a lot of accessories, like a hose, spray gun, and nozzles. To keep everything accessible, there’s onboard storage for everything so you can reach whatever you need when you need it, and don’t lose smaller parts like nozzles that aren’t in use.


Short hose

The hose is pretty short. It’s only 25 feet, while many other washers have hoses up to 50 feet. This can limit how wide your cleaning radius is. You do also have a 35-feet power cord though, so you can move the whole Mini-Brute around to reach more areas.

Less power

1,200 PSI is significantly lower than many comparably-priced pressure washers. You might not be able to tackle some larger, tougher jobs. However, the hot water increases the effectiveness of the pressure washer, so while the actual pressure might not be as high, the addition of hot can make up for that weakness.

Overall Review

With the power of hot water, clean-burning diesel, and electricity, you can use the Simpson Mini-Brute MB1223 for greasy, tough cleaning jobs in commercial kitchens, patios, and workshops. Additional nozzles help increase your cleaning versatility, as well. There are also lots of safety features in place, like a very secure cart with wheels, high temperature limit switch, and Automatic Total Stop system.