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Durable professional pressure washer with Honda engine, impressive pump, and convenient on-board storage

The Simpson PS3835 3800 PSI Honda Pressure Washer was designed for big cleaning jobs, and it doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a powerful Honda engine, superior pump, and onboard storage for all your accessories. Because of its power, it isn’t recommended for smaller tasks. It’s best for tasks like cleaning marinas, stables, and large commercial spaces like kitchens or outdoor patios.

Honda GX270 OHV engine

The engine on the Simpson PS3835 is impressive. It’s a Honda GX270 OHV Commercial Series Engine that runs smoothly and comes with oil. When your oil runs low, you will be alerted by the pressure washer, so you don’t damage your engine. OHV (overhead valve) engines are also known for their efficiency, so you won’t guzzle fuel.

Solid, stable construction w/ wheels

The Simpson is very durable and built for stability with a welded steel frame, engine plate, and axle. Having this type of cart on a commercial pressure washer is very important given the amount of pressure that much water can cause. For mobility, it comes with pneumatic 13-inch tires that can handle rougher terrain.

AAA Industrial Triplex Plunger pump

The Simpson’s pump offers superior cleaning power, with 3800 PSI. It’s an Industrial 3.5 GPM Triplex Plunger Pump with PowerBoost, which means it has higher pressure right at the nozzle. You get a spurt of energy and are able to wash away really tough debris and grime that weaker-pressure pumps wouldn’t be able to clean as effectively.

Pro-Style Spray Wand

In addition to that high-pressure right at the wand nozzle, you get 5 Quick-Connect tips made of durable stainless steel. Those tips include a 0-degree, 25-degree, and Soap. With these tip, you get a lot of flexibility and can adjust the water pressure based on what type of job you’re working on.


Convenient on-board storage

The Simpson PS3835 has a lot of parts to it, like the spray wand, hose, and nozzles. To avoid losing anything or getting tangled up, the pressure washer has onboard storage for everything so you stay organized and have easy access to whatever you need while you work.

Downstream detergent injection

Many pressure washers have some kind of detergent tank or siphon. The Simpson has a downstream detergent injection, which means you have more choice about what cleaner you want to use and more overall control over your cleaning jobs.


Commercial pressure washers go through a lot, especially if you’re using it frequently. The Simpson is constructed to be very durable, and is made with a welded steel frame, steel engine plate, and solid-steel axle. It also has very stable 13-inch tires that keep the whole machine grounded.


Can cause damage if used for smaller jobs

Don’t buy the Simpson if you want to use it for smaller jobs. You might think that because it can handle the tough stuff, it can work for easier ones too, but because it’s so powerful, the PS3835 can actually damage family vehicles and smaller decks. You’ll have to get another pressure washer to handle those smaller powered tasks.

Overall Review

The gas-powered, durable Simpson PS3835 pressure washer is equipped with a Honda OHV engine and superior pump that will last a long time even with frequent use. The pump has a PowerBoost feature that focuses a ton of pressure right at the wand nozzle, so this pressure washer is especially good for really tough tasks where there’s a lot of grime, manure, and so on to clean up. For cleaning versatility, the default nozzle can be replaced with other tips, including a 0-degree or Soap tip. This pressure washer should only be used for your big cleaning jobs.