Yamaha PW3028 3000
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Energy-efficient commercial washer with CAT Triplex pump, 5-in-1 nozzle, and an onboard detergent tank

For a reliable, energy-efficient commercial washer, the Yamaha PW3028 3000 PSI pressure washer is a solid choice. It offers an air-cooled engine and longer-lasting CAT Triplex pump, so you know the Yamaha is able to withstand frequent, heavier use and still maintain its integrity. For cleaning versatility, you get a 5-in-1 nozzle with a pivoting tip, and an onboard detergent tank for convenient access to dirt-busting soap.

192cc engine

Having a durable engine is key to a pressure washer. The 192cc engine on the PW3028 has 4 strokes and is air-cooled, so it can run longer with less wear-and-tear. It’s also pretty quiet and starts up smoothly. The gas tank holds 1.5 gallons, so you don’t need to spend a fortune on gas to use the washer.

CAT Triplex Plunger Pump

After the engine, the pump is probably the most important basic part of any pressure washer. The pump on this washer is a CAT Triplex Plunger pump with ceramic plungers, which help the pump run with less heat so it lasts longer. In terms of its power, the pump is able to give out 2.8 gallons per minute so your cleaning tasks are completed faster.

5-In-1 Nozzle

Instead of having a handful of nozzles you need to keep track of, the Yamaha PW3028 uses a unique 5-in-1 nozzle.You have choices from 25-degrees to a soap fan, so whether your cleaning task requires a full blast or something more delicate, the nozzle tip has a setting. It also has a pivot tip so you can get underneath in tighter spots like under the body of vehicles and wheel wells.



Though it is a gas-powered pressure washer, the engine has features designed for energy efficiency. It has an automatic Idle Down, which lessens the amount of fuel consumption and helps keep the engine in good shape.

Has an onboard detergent tank

Sometimes just water isn’t enough for a particular cleaning task. The PW3028 3000 has an onboard detergent tank that can hold up to 1 full gallon of soap. It’s easily accessible and cleaner than carrying around a bucket of soap.

Quiet, versatile tires

Good tires are necessary to keep the pressure washer stabilized. The tires on the Yamama are 13-inches with a Never-Flat design that can roll over uneven or rough terrain without a problem. They are also designed to reduce the noise of the pressure washer, so you can clean your patio or deck without worrying about bothering anyone.


Pretty pricey

The Yamaha PW3028 power washer is pretty expensive. There are other more powerful washers that are more affordable, so if budget is a concern, choosing another pressure washer might be more up your alley. However, for gas-powered pressure washers, this one does offer more energy efficiency and the unique 5-in-1 nozzle system.

Overall Review

The Yamaha PW3028 pressure washer has a solid, gas-powered engine that doesn’t guzzle up fuel. It has a small tank and is designed with some energy-efficient features like an automatic Idle Down. The pump is also designed to last a long time and can even be rebuilt. Instead of having a bunch of nozzle tips, you get a convenient 5-in-1 tip that offers a wide range of water pressures. Though it’s expensive, the Yamaha offers powerful cleaning on your toughest jobs, and conserves more energy than other gas-powered washers.