Black Decker BDC120VA100 20V Drill Kit
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Powerful and Compact

At 300 inches per pound, the amount of torque on this Black & Decker BDC120 is hard to beat in a drill of its class. While not designed for professional use, this drill stands above other models designed for use around the house. Not only will it tackle basic jobs like hanging pictures or shelving, it can even hand more advanced construction projects.

Lots of Extras

The BDC120VA100 accessory kit is impressive. It includes masonry tips so you have the option of drilling into brick or concrete with ease. There’s a wide range of sizes of screwdriver bits, ten different nutdrivers, a socket adaptor and a magnetic bit tip holder so you won’t lose any of these great extras. It all comes in a quality organizer case.


Lightweight and Easy to Hold

This Black & Decker 20 volt has good balance and feels great in your hands. It’s very lightweight, especially considering how much power it actually has. The grips work for smaller hands, so it’s a good option for a woman.

The Drill Bits Included

For a first time drill buyer, this is a great option. A professional will already have tool bags full of these accessories, but if you’re new to power tools, you’re going to need all these extra pieces at some point. You’ll get 10 general purpose drill bits of varying sizes plus extras like brad point and masonry drill bits for different types of jobs. This opens up a lot of different uses that you don’t get from a more basic drill kit.

Holds a Charge

The lithium ion battery is a favorite for household drills because it holds a charge during extended use for big projects, but it can also sit unused in the garage without losing its charge. This means you can pick it up and get to work without worrying about charge, even it’s been sitting unused for several months.


Large Compartment of Storage Box

While the small display area for the accessories is really nice, the larger compartment of the box is not that great. It is a big area where you can stow the drill and battery, but there is no form fitted space for them, so they basically can roll and bounce around inside, which could cause damage if you plan to travel with it. It works for sedentary storage though.

Longer Charge Time

Household drills aren’t always designed with quick charge times in mind. This BDC120VA100 falls into that category. While the battery holds the charge great, you’ll have to think ahead when it’s time to charge it because it can take a while.

Overall Review

Despite the normal charge problems that come with a less expensive non-professional grade drill, this is a great higher-power model for a homeowner. It stands above some less versatile home drills, opening up the possibility to do a wider range of projects. You’ll appreciate the accessory kit that gives you every bit you’d ever possibly need for household use.