Decker LDX112C Cordless Drill Driver
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Ultimate Drill for Household

The Black & Decker LDX112C cordless drill has all of the functions and features that you could need for household purposes to accomplish small or mid-sized projects. It is not made to be a professional drill, but it’s the only drill you’ll need for household projects. At only one pound, it doesn’t get much lighter than this. And while it can’t be called “heavy duty” it is definitely not intimidating. If you’re new to DIY, this drill will easily introduce you to the world of power tools.

Easy to Hold and Use

This little drill is very lightweight and there is a small rubber grip handle that prevents slipping. It’s easy to get a good grip and put a lot of power into drilling without worrying about losing your hold on the drill. The lithium ion battery holds a charge up to 500 days between uses, making this a great model for the occasional user.


Smart Basic Design

The lightweight and compact design of this unit is really a plus for household use. It manages to pack enough power to handle pretty much any project you could need as a do-it-yourselfer without any excess weight or unneeded functions.

Built-In Bit Storage

There is an on-board niche for bits, meaning you can easily switch bits with minimal interruptions to your work. This is also a good function for a homeowner because it makes it harder to lose the bits even when the drill is going months without use. The 3/8 inch chuck on the LDX112C makes bit changes really simple, as well.

Incorporated LED Light

Most professional grade drills have a built-in light for working under cabinets or other dim spots, and this household drill has that professional grade feature. The light is conveniently placed and lights the right spot so you can see even in tough spots.


Chuck Can Come Loose

While the chuck has its strong points, including easy bit changes, it does have a flaw. During use, the bits can come loose and slip out. This means you’ll have to stop what you’re doing to put them back in again. While this may be a universal struggle with lower end drills, it’s still an inconvenience worth considering if you’re going to go with the LDX112C.

Torque Dial

There are several torque settings with this drill, which is a really great feature. However, changing the setting may be difficult. It can take a strong hand to move the dial, making this not as user friendly for women with small hands. You may be able to overcome this by using a jar lid grip or rubber glove when you turn the dial.

Overall Review

This isn’t a professional grade drill and would never stand up to professional use. It’s a household drill, and the price reflects that difference. And for what it is, it’s a really great choice. The extremely lightweight construction and compact design make it perfect for any basic or moderately advanced job around the house. It can be stored for months without losing battery power and the rubber grip is easy to hold. Though it has the loose chuck problems that are pretty standard on a low-end drill, it’s a really good buy that will meet all of your household purposes.