MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless DrillDriver
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Household Drill With Professional Perks

The Black & Decker LDX120C is designed for household use, but it comes with a lot perks and features that you’d expect in a professional grade cordless drill. The batter is chief among these, with a very quick charge time that you don’t always see in household drills. The lithium ion holds a charge for extended periods of time and at 20 volts, this drill can handle any project a DIY’er could want to do.

Extra Control Features

There are 11 different positions on this drill so that you can customize your setting based on the material you’re drilling. It can handle wood, plastic and metal with no problem. Plus, the variable speed feature allows for countersinking without accidentally damaging the material, so you get a professional looking finish every time.


Battery Charge and Power

The battery is a great strength in the LDX120C. It holds its charge amazingly well and charges much faster than an average household drill. Because it’s a lithium ion, it’s the latest technology designed to be able to reserve its power between uses. Long projects are no problem for the battery on this drill.

Size and Feel

This drill is really lightweight, especially considering the power. It has a comfort grip rubber handle that’s designed to minimize slipping, even in tough spaces and angles. The trigger is easy and it runs smoothly when you’re drilling. The balance is good, so it really feels good to use.

Slow Speed Variable

The slow speed switch is easy to access on the trigger and it helps you to ease the final few rotations when tightening a screw. This means you won’t get the dimples in the wood or metal that happen when you speed through the tightening process. This is something a pro may not need, but for anyone less comfortable with a drill, it’s a great feature.


One Battery

While the battery on this drill is great, you may come across situations where you’ll wish you had an extra battery. You will have to let it charge when it runs out, and while it does charge quickly, this can put a hold on your projects. You can purchase an additional battery, but at that point you’re losing the economic value of the unit.

Bits Can Slip

The chuck on this drill doesn’t always hold its tightness. This means that the bit can start to slip out during use and you’ll begin to notice wobbling while you drill. Eventually, you’ll have to stop and tighten it again.

Overall Review

This drill gives you everything you’d need from a household drill and more. There are a few features that even rival professional drills are missing, such as the battery charge speed and how long it holds a charge. While you may have to stop work on very large projects in order to charge the battery or tighten the chuck, you’ll be able to tackle most household projects with absolutely no problems. For the investment, you get a lot of unexpected perks with this Black and Decker cordless drill.