DDB180-02 Charger And Case
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Lightest Weight, Lots of Torque

The DDB180-02 18 volt cordless drill by Bosch is the lightest weight cordless drill you can find – weighing in at just 3 pounds. But it still has a lot of power and 400 pounds of torque per inch. It has two speeds. The low speed is 400 RPM and the high is 1,300 RPM, offering versatility and power. It has standard features like the built-in LED light, and keyless chuck, as well as some unique features like the reinforced collar that can prevent dirt and water from damaging the drill.

Battery Options

The Bosch line works with various battery options. There is a slim pack battery and a fat pack battery. It’s nice to have the option of going for the smaller battery for less weight or switching to the bigger batter if you need longer run-time. Even with the fat pack battery, this tool is incredibly lightweight and easy to use.


Value Bonuses

Purchasing a Bosch DDB180-02 comes with some extra value bonuses that are a huge plus. You’ll get two batteries, one slim and one fat, so you can easily switch them out with ease. Also, the carry case that comes with this drill is high quality and won’t break or wear out easily.

Feels Great

One of the first things you’ll notice about using the DDB180-02 is how good it feels in the hand. The balance reduces your efforts and makes less work for you when drilling. The handle is easy to hold and the light weight makes working easy. This is a great model for women, and it’s also a good starter drill because of how easily it handles.

Big Power for a Small Drill

Despite the compact design and light weight, this drill has a lot of power and torque. It can pull its weight even against corded drills. While the small size makes it a great choice for home use and inexperienced DIY’ers, it can also satisfy a professional.


Noticeable Chuck Quiver

This drill is pretty smooth to operate and for most everyday purposes at home or on the jobsite, it will work great. However, there is a slight wobble in the chuck. This is hard to avoid with a high power drill, but it can make tight precision work more difficult.

Built In Auto Light

DDB180 may cause some annoyance. It can’t be switched off or deactivated, and it tends to shine far below the area where you actually want the light to be. It can be a distraction, and you can’t turn it off.

Overall Review

Bosch has been a well-known drill brand for years, and the DDB180-2 is a good example of the reliability and power of the brand. While the chuck may sometimes wobble and the light won’t please everyone, these are slight problems when compared with the many strengths of this drill. The options of battery packs and incredibly light weight will please casual users and professionals will appreciate the well-made carry case as well. Overall, this drill is a great value for the investment.