18-Volt Compact DrillDriver Kit
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Heavy Duty Functions

The DeWalt 18-volt DC970K-2 is not the lightest weight handheld drill, but it’s got a lot of power and torque in a compact package. It can stand up to constant professional grade use, or can serve as the only drill you’ll ever need at home. At just over five pounds, it’s still considered a lightweight drill, and it is ergonomically designed with an easy grip that makes it seem lighter than it is. The DC970K-2 comes with two 18 volt batteries and a one hour charger, which makes it possible to keep the drill constantly charged on a jobsite or big project.

Tight Space Drilling

This DeWalt is designed for use in a small space without a sacrifice of power. The motor can get up to 1,500 RPM’s, which is a respectable amount of power. DIY’ers and pros alike will appreciate the keyless single-sleeve ratcheting chuck that holds the bits in place and increases the amount of accuracy and precision you can have when drilling. All of this power and function is in a really compact size, perfect for tight angles and small spaces.


Battery Reliability

The batteries on this DeWalt are reliable. It’s a great feature that there are two batteries and a one hour charger. This means you can charge one battery while using the other, and even if you happen to be left with no choice, you only have to wait an hour for a fully charged battery. This is a really big plus for professionals.

Value Investment

This drill is not the most expensive in the DeWalt line, but it can hold its own with the heavier duty drills. And since it’s a smaller drill, it comes at a more affordable price than some of the other DeWalt models. For a relatively small investment, you get all the functionality you need in a home or professional drill.

Balance and Comfort

The DC970K-2 is a very well balanced drill. This makes it easier to hold and use for longer periods of time. The great balance means you don’t have to work as hard to get the job done. The handle has been designed to make it easy to use overhead and at tight angles.


Chuck Lifespan

This drill should give you a lot of use before it starts to give up. Unfortunately, it’s usually the chuck that starts to give out first. You’ll have to tighten it more and more as time goes on, and eventually you may start to notice it slipping. For a drill on the lower end of the price spectrum though, it will take a lot of abuse before this starts to happen.

Carry Case Could Be Better

If having a nice carry case is important for what you do, you might want to look to a different model. This DeWalt comes with a pretty basic cloth bag carry case that will not last as long as the drill will if it’s getting moved around a lot. Also, the bag doesn’t offer as much protection as a metal or plastic case does, so if you need to be able to toss in the back of a truck with other tools, you might be disappointed in the case.

Overall Review

The 18-Volt DC970K-2 is a powerful drill that can withstand a lot of tough use. It’s a good choice for professionals thanks to the extra battery and one hour charger. The compact size means it can be used easily in tight spaces and hard angles. It’s heavy compared to other light weight drills on the market, and the chuck and carry case might give up on you before the rest of the drill does. Still, at this price, it’s a great choice for home DIY or professional use.