18V Cordless Kit
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Professional Grade Use

When it comes to professional grade 18 volt, the DeWalt DCD760KL is a serious contender. Not only does it feature the lithium ion battery that holds a charge and quickly recharges so you can work without interruption, it is designed in a lightweight way that is easy to use without getting tired. The kit comes with two batteries which means you can have a backup for big projects, a must-have for professionals.

Easy to Use Features

The dual speed settings on the DCD760KL make this a multi-purpose drill. The balance on this unit is better than some of the competition and the handle is easy to grip and feels good in your hand. Although it does weight a bit more than some of the other drills in its class, the trade off in power is worth it, and the ergonomic makes it easy to carry that extra pound.


Power and Batteries

This DeWalt drill has been designed for professional use, so the power leaves nothing to be desired. The lithium ion batteries are reliable and hold a charge for a long time. They also charge quickly and at 18-volts, there is plenty of power in this tool.

Compact Design

For the amount of power it has, this drill is built small and compact. This makes it a good option if you need to do electrical or plumbing tasks. The grip makes it easy to drill overhead, a good feature for carpenters.

Dual Speeds

The DCD760KL has two speeds. The low speed tops out at 500 RPM’s and the high speed goes up to 1700. This is a good range for multi-purpose and is more user friendly than a three speed range if you don’t need that mid-level option of speed.


The LED Light

This drill has a common problem with cordless drills that have a built-in light. The light isn’t positioned in a way that makes it very useful. You’ll still need to rely on work lights and flashlights in seriously dark spots.

The Chuck Needs Tightening

While some similar models offer a self-tightening chuck, this one will have to be hand tightened occasionally, which does result in some loss of productivity. If you expect to be changing bits very often, you may want to consider a model with a self-tightening chuck, otherwise, stopping every so often to tighten the chuck is a small price to pay for the strengths of this model.

Overall Review

While it does have some of the fallbacks you’ll find in a great majority of cordless drills, the DEWALT DCD760KL is a favorite for 18-volt drills. The battery is really quality, holds a charge and charges quickly. It comes with two batteries which is something professionals need to see form their cordless drill kit. The design is relatively lightweight on this DeWalt, especially when you consider the power, and the grip and balance make up for the slight amount of extra weight it has over some of the other drills in its class.