18V Drill Drill
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Great Addition to Tool Box

The DeWalt Bare-Tool DCD9508 is designed to fluidly incorporate into your current tool box arsenal. It is called “bare tool” because it doesn’t come with the battery. But the beauty is that it works with any DeWalt 18 volt battery, including lithium ion and NiCad DeWalt batteries, so you can use whichever batteries you’ve already invested in and grown to trust. There are some other great features that come with this drill, including the hammer function, self-tightening chuck and a wide range of settings.

Speeds and Settings

The most notable feature about the DeWalt XRP Hammer drill is the speed setting variety. While most of the competition only offers two settings, fast and slow, the DCD950B has three speed settings. The triple speed setting apply to both drilling and hammer functions, giving you a lot of versatility in one tool.


Hammer Drive

Not all drills in this price range have the hammer drive function, and it adds a lot of versatility of use to this DeWalt 950. If you need to do heavy duty work like drilling into concrete or thick wood, you’ll get a lot of use out of the hammer function.

Battery Versatility

The battery options offered by the bare-tool 950 is really a huge strength. Not only can you incorporate it seamlessly with your current batteries from DeWalt, but you can also easily purchase your preferred battery whether you like lithium ion or NiCad. Having the option is nice, and it’s also nice to be able to buy a drill without having to buy more batteries if you don’t need them.

Solid and Durable

The 950 DeWalt is made to last, and it will stand up to long-term professional use. The chuck is heavy duty and built to last. Because of the quality build, you’ll notice a really smooth operation with minimal wobbling and vibrating.


Immediate Stop Brake

The quick working brake action on this drill can be a bit abrupt. As soon as you take your finger off the trigger, the chuck immediately stops spinning. While this is a good safety feature, it isn’t the way most drills work and it can take some getting used to.

Not Designed for Constant Hammer Use

While this drill does have a hammer function that works great for occasional use, you may wear out the drill prematurely if you try to use this one with the hammer feature all the time. If you need that hammer function on a daily basis, you will need to look at a heavier duty DeWalt hammer drill.

Overall Review

While not the heaviest duty hammer drill from DeWalt, the DCD950B is a multi-function tool that will seamlessly fit with your current DeWalt 18 volt battery collection. This tool is a workhorse that will last and hold up to constant professional grade use. If you’re not a professional, you’ll still appreciate the great features that come with this model. The self-tightening chuck and three speed options combine to make this a versatile and easy to use drill. The hammer function works great for basic applications and at this price point it’s a very good investment.