Cordless Drill Driver Kit
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Modern Design and Features

When compared to a lot of the competition the Genesis GCD18BK in grey is very attractive and modern looking. It comes with value-adding features like a magnet on the base to hold random bits and screws, a built in level and a quality LED light that helps in dim spaces. While it’s not the highest powered home drill on the market, it can compete when it comes to price and features.

Basic Jobs Get Done

There are sixteen settings for the torque and clutch on this drill, which means you can adjust for various materials and jobs. Being able to lower the torque for less resistant materials prevents over tightening and stripping, so you get a more professional result. Also, the rubberized grip is comfortable to hold and the dials are easy to use.


Built-in Level

The built-in bubble level in this little drill is a nice surprise. Even some of the really high end professional drills lack this feature. It helps for hanging shelves and pictures and several other household tasks that you’ll be doing with this drill.


When it comes to value, this is a great option. It’s a good starter drill for you home that will give value features for a small initial investment. The batter holds a charge well and the extra features just add to the value of this investment.

Durable Construction

For being on the low end of the price spectrum, this drill really is built well. This means it can stand some abuse without breaking and you should get a long lifespan from it. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to treat it like it’s made of glass just because it wasn’t expensive.


Low Power

This drill is definitely designed for household use and wouldn’t carry its weight in a professional setting. However, even for household use, it’s lacking in power. The price of the Genesis GCD18BK reflects this, but if you’re looking to do more than hanging things or building basic frames with moderately thick wood, you may need to upgrade and pay more.


This Genesis drill wasn’t designed with long term use in mind. It’s a bit top heavy and this can result in making your hand and wrist tired quickly if you try to use it for hours on end. For small projects, you won’t notice this design flaw.

Overall Review

If you’re looking for a basic household drill that will stay within a very tight budget, this is the one for you. The Genesis GCD18BK doesn’t have as much power as some more expensive models, but it has anything you’d need for basic household projects and the occasional mid-level building project. You’ll appreciate the added features that make it really easy to use, such as the magnetic base for holding your screws, the LED work light and the rugged build. It’s not intimidating to look at or use, which makes it a really good introductory drill for anyone who has never used a power tool.