Hitachi DS18DSAL 18-Volt Drill Driver
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Light Weight Power

The Hitachi DS18DSAL is an 18 volt handheld drill that only weighs a little more than three pounds. It’s compact and easy to hold, and can be used for long periods of time without wearing out your hand, arm or wrist. Even in the small size, the DS18DSAL has a lot of power. At 18 volts, it’s got the same power as many larger drills, and with 460 inches per pound of torque, it will get tough jobs done with ease.

Lots of Extras

This Hitachi drill also comes with a lot of bonus extras that you won’t see on drills of similar price and size. For example, there are 22 driving stages so you can easily click the dial to choose your custom torque for the job. The drill also comes with an LED work light, which is a nice bonus for plumbers, electricians, builders or anyone else you may need to work in a poorly lit space.


Compact and Light

Probably the best thing about the 18-volt DS18DSAL is how small and light it is compared to the power it actually has. A lot of smaller drills just can’t stand up to this one. The easy to grip handle and light weight build make it a great option if you’ll have to do a lot of overhead drilling. Women will like this model because of the power it offers in a smaller, easier to hold size.

Work Light and Drill Light

The LED work light that comes with this drill is a really great bonus. It’s designed well, works great and gives off a lot of light. It’s perfect for working in an attic, crawlspace or dim garage. In addition to the work light, this Hitachi drill also has a light built into the drill, which is a great feature for plumbers working under cabinets, or anyone else working in a dim spot that won’t fit the entire work light. Either way, the lights on this drill are a huge benefit.

Belt Loop and Case

This drill comes with a nice carry case that even has some additional room for hardware or extra tools. The drill has a built-in belt loop clasp which is well designed and reliable. You won’t have to worry about using it, even if you’re climbing a tall ladder – it will keep your drill secure.


Charge and Battery Issues

This drill is not the best as far as holding a charge. While it does charge extremely fast, which is a plus, it loses its charge faster than some other models. Also, the indicator light on the charger base isn’t as easy to read as it could be, so you have to walk right up to the base to figure out if your drill is good to go. Another concern is that the work light doesn’t have a low battery alert, so you could literally be left in the dark when it runs out of charge.

No Spare Bit Holder

It’s unfortunate that this drill doesn’t come with a spare bit holder for quick bit changes. It’s nice that it comes with the quality carry case, but you’ll have to supply your own holder for the bits.

Overall Review

The pros of this unit really outweigh the cons. While you’ll miss having a bit organizer for the extra bits, and you may not like how quickly it loses its charge, you can work around all of these little issues and you’ll be left with a quality drill that can be used for almost every project. The torque on the Hitachi DS18DSAL is impressive, and its size is easy to manage and use for extended periods. Overall, this is a great choice for an every-day all-purpose drill.