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Compact 20-Volt Drill

For a 20-volt drill and driver, this PORTER-CABLE PCCK600LB is extremely light, compact and easy to use. At only 3.5 pounds, and less than 8 inches long, this drill is as small as most 18-volt drills. The PCK600LB can be purchased with one lithium ion battery or two. The slim rubber handle makes the work more comfortable. Women and men alike will appreciate the minimized user fatigue that this model offers over extended periods of use.

Unique Features

This Porter-Cable has some features that set it apart from other drills in its class. There are rubber bumpers on the side of the drill to prevent damage and wear and tear. This is a nice addition for drilling in tight spaces where you’re bound to bang the drill against the wall at some point. The reliable belt clip can be switched for left hand or right hand use. There is an indicator light to let you know how charged the battery is, which is a nice feature for professionals.


Battery Indicator

The battery indicator light on the PCCK600LB is a unique feature that helps with performance and extends the battery life. Lithium ion batteries have longer lives when they aren’t allowed to run their charge down to nothing, so it’s nice to have a indicator light so you can monitor the charge and switch out batteries when one is getting low.

Dual-Range Speed Gear

This drill features a dual-range speed control so you can switch easily from low to high gear. You also have full control over the torque using the easy to adjust collar behind the chuck.

Smooth Function

Unlike some other 20-Volt drills, this Porter-Cable ½ inch drill is very smooth. The chuck won’t wobble, even during really heavy duty jobs. Even long bits will work smoothly without a wobble from the chuck.


Short Lived Battery

While the battery indicator light is a big plus, you may be disappointed in the actual amount of life in the battery. It is definitely worth it to purchase the second battery option so that you can switch them out as needed. Luckily, they charge quickly and you don’t have to worry about over-charging so you can just leave one battery on the charger at all times.

Flimsy Carry Case

If you require a heavy duty case to travel with your drill from jobsite to jobsite, you may be disappointed with the case that comes with the PCCK600LB Drill/Driver kit. The latch can break, the hinges can break, and overall it just doesn’t take much of a beating.

Overall Review

For a 20 volt drill, the PCCK600LB is extremely lightweight and compact. It’s a professional grade drill that can tackle a wide variety of jobs. The extra battery option is definitely worth it due to the shorter battery life, and you may need to find your own carry case. But these are minor considerations when you look at the excellent price of this unit along with some of the unique features like the battery life indicator. Overall, this is a powerful drill in a small and affordable package.