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Compact, versatile countertop microwave with lots of cooking options

The Danby Designer DMW111KPSSDD countertop microwave is a compact 1.1 cubic feet and weighs 36 pounds, which is a good size for smaller kitchens, but with enough interior room for most dishes. It is very easy to use with a large digital display with pictograph-style buttons. It also provides even, thorough heating, so you can reheat or even cook a variety of foods.

1000 watts of microwave energy

With 1000 watts, the Danby Designer can quickly and thoroughly heat and cook just about anything. Many microwaves for at-home use have insufficient wattage (500-800) for cooking, and are really only for reheating beverages or making popcorn. With 1000 watts, you can do a lot more, including bake a potato in only 4 minutes.

6 one-touch cooking modes

One-touch cooking mode buttons are very convenient. You don’t have to experiment with cycle length or power level. The Danby Designer has six: frozen dinner, popcorn, potato, pizza, beverage, and reheat. You just push the button for the appropriate food item, and the microwave does all the thinking for you.

10 power levels

Many microwaves just have two power level choices: “low” and “high.” The Danby Designer has 10, so you can be extremely precise about how much microwave energy you want to use. You can reheat or cook with very low power when making food items that easily burn, and then choose a higher, faster power for more robust dishes.


Durable interior construction

Durable construction is important for microwaves, especially on the inside. Materials like plastic can warp over time because of the exposure to high heat. The Danby Designer has a chrome/stainless steel interior, which is a great material for handling heat. It also helps ensure good heat distribution.

Compact size

The Danby Designer is 1.1 cubic feet. In inches, that is 15.9 x 21.2 x 11.8 inches. This is a great size if you don’t have room for a clunky microwave, but don’t want one that’s less a cubic foot.

Three speciality options

With the Danby Designer, you have three speciality heating options in addition to the 10 power levels and six one-touch modes. You get “cook by weight,” “defrost by weight,” and a fast defrost setting. This gives you more control over your food, especially with defrosting, which can be very difficult in a microwave because it so often cooks on the outside and stays hard and raw on the inside.


Not a ton of interior space

1.1 cubic feet won’t fit certain dishes, especially if you have a family and like to reheat whole meals at once. You would have to divide up the food in smaller dishes, which means it won’t all be heated evenly. Before you buy a microwave, measure the biggest dish or plate you intend to microwave to see if it fits. Better yet, take it with you to the store and physically fit it in.

No “Add 30 seconds” option

The “add 30 seconds” button is common on microwaves and is useful for adding just a little extra time. However, the Danby Designer does not have the option, so you have to manually enter 30 seconds. It’s a design flaw, but it doesn’t impact the overall microwave in a negative way.

Overall Review

The Danby Designer DMW111KPSSDD 1.1 cu. ft. countertop microwave in stainless steel is compact, but still large enough for most dishes. Some families might have trouble fitting their larger plates, so measure to be sure before purchase. At 1000 watts, this microwave has a lot of power for a smaller unit, and offers extremely precise heating with 10 power levels and 6 one-touch cooking modes for commonly-microwaved foods like pizza, popcorn, and so on. You also get three speciality options for heating by weight and defrosting.