Danby DMW7700BLDB 0 7 For Sale
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Danby DMW7700BLDB 0.7 cu. ft. Microwave Oven – Black

Compact Danby microwave with ten power levels and six fast-cook options

The Danby DMW7700BLDB microwave is a compact, fairly versatile microwave that would be best for someone living on their own or a small family. Though the wattage on this microwave is pretty low, you do get ten power levels and six auto-cook programs for faster, more convenient microwave cooking.

700 watts

700 watts is one of the lower wattages you could get on a microwave, so it is best used for reheating leftovers and beverages. You can also cook frozen meals or thaw frozen items, like meat and veggies, which can help speed up the cooking process for your oven or stovetop.

6 one-touch cooking options

It can be tricky to know how long to reheat certain items, so the Danby has six one-touch cooking modes for commonly-microwaved foods like pizza, popcorn, and so on. For a compact microwave, six is a good number of presets, so you can just hit one button and leave the microwave alone while it finishes up.

0.7-cubic feet

0.7-cubic feet is a good size for heating or cooking food meant for 2-3 people. It is on the smaller side with 13L x 17.3125W x 10.1875H dimensions. If you are living alone, you don’t need a huge microwave, so .7 cu. ft. should be enough.


Ten power levels

You get ten power levels on this microwave, so you can choose to harness anywhere from 10% of the Danby’s 700 watts to 100%. This gives the microwave versatility so you can choose very gentle, low power for jobs like softening butter, or full power for heating up drinks quickly.

Great for limited space

This is a great microwave if you don’t have a lot of counter space. A lot of microwaves are too bulky for living arrangements like apartments, but this Danby was specifically designed to be compact. It can even fit in a space as tiny as an RV kitchen.

Simple to use

The Danby’s controls are all clearly-labeled on the control panel, so everything the microwave offers is there in front of you. Basic functions aren’t lost in a sea of buttons. The six auto-cook options are labeled “popcorn,” “pizza,” and so on, and additional necessities like the kitchen timer and time cook are all right there, as well.



This is a compact microwave, so the oven would be too small if you have a family and want to heat up larger dishes of food. You would have to resort to breaking up the meal into different bowls, and then it wouldn’t be evenly heated.

Low power

700 watts is pretty low for a microwave intended for home use. Most microwaves need about 1000 watts to cook things quickly, so with 700 watts, you risk burning the unit out if you give it too many hard jobs too frequently. However, if you just want a microwave to reheat or cook frozen dinners, drinks, and so on, you really only need 700 watts.

Overall Review

The Danby DMW7700BLDB is ideal for small spaces with .7 cubic-feet, and is great for those who don’t need their microwaves to replace their ovens or stovetops. You can reheat and cook quickly using the six auto-cook options, and the 700 watts has ten power levels for versatility. The Danby is fairly affordable, but not so cheap that you have to worry about needing to replace it right away.