Kenmore 73092 0 Microwave
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Compact, affordable countertop microwave with multi-stage cooking

The Kenmore 73092 is a compact (.9-cubic feet) countertop microwave with lots of convenient features like multi-stage cooking and a wide range of power levels. It is also very affordable, unlike many other microwaves of similar size, so if you have a tight budget, you can still benefit from this relatively powerful and precise microwave.

900 watts

900 watts is a bit on the lower side for a countertop microwave, but it is still very effective at reheating leftovers and cooking desserts like mug cakes. If you wanted to bake a potato, you would need about 5-6 minutes, depending on the potato’s side.

Multi-stage cooking

One of the most convenient features on this Kenmore is the multi-stage cooking. You can program a series of cooking stages (like defrost, and then cook) along with their times, so once one stage is finished, the next one will begin automatically. This allows you to do other things while your food item is prepared.

6 Smart Touch settings

You don’t always know what the optimal power level or cycle time is for every food item, like popcorn, pizza, and so on. The Kenmore’s Smart Touch settings provide an easy one-touch method for commonly-reheated foods, so you just make your selection and the microwave does the rest. You can make popcorn, thaw meat, and even melt chocolate, which is notoriously difficult to do in a microwave using just your best guess. The Smart Touch takes the guesswork out of microwave cooking.



Microwaves can be very expensive, reaching price tags of $300 or more. The Kenmore is very affordable by that standard, without sacrificing cooking options. It isn’t as powerful (or large) as some of those really expensive microwaves, but if you only plan on using your microwave for standard reheating or basic cooking, this is a steal.

Memory feature

Another strength that this countertop microwave possesses is its memory feature. This allows you to save your favorite settings for specific items, so you don’t have to waste time experimenting each time with power level or cycle. When you find a combination of settings that works, you can save it to the microwave, and just hit one button the next time.

Ten power levels

For a small microwave with a lower wattage, the Kenmore has a lot of power levels. With ten total, you can harness the lower end of the Kenmore’s power as well as the highest. This makes the microwave perfect for heating jobs that require lower power – like thawing- and those that can handle a higher wattage, like reheating beverages.


On the smaller size

The main weakness with the Kenmore 73092 is that it’s a little on the small size. It measures .9-cubic feet and has a turntable of 10.6-inches. If you wanted to reheat one pot of leftovers for four people, you would have trouble finding a dish that fit. However, if you tend to use smaller dishes in your microwave and don’t have much counter space, .9 cu. ft. isn’t bad.

Overall Review

If you’re in a market for a fairly basic microwave that has some modern features, the Kenmore 73092 0.9 cu. ft. countertop microwave is a great option. It is compact, affordable, and comes complete with multi-stage cooking, smart touch buttons, and a memory feature. It is a bit small, but if you are heating or cooking enough food for 2-3 people, it would probably be enough space. There are ten power levels on the 900-watt microwave, so you can perform a variety of cooking functions, like melting chocolate and cooking desserts.