Panasonic NN-SN973S 1250W Countertop B00CH3A7LU
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Inverter countertop microwave with lots of space and cooking options

The Panasonic NN-SN973S countertop microwave represents the best in advanced technology. In addition the superior heating provided by the inverter tech, it boasts a large oven perfect for reheating and cooking large amounts of food. One-touch sensor buttons add convenience to the mix.

1250 watts of inverter technology

1250 watts is very high for a home-use microwave, and you can bake a potato in 3 minutes with that kind of power. In contrast to traditional microwaves, this Panasonic uses inverter technology, which means the microwave uses inverters instead of coils for its main power source. Instead of averaging out to the power level you select by turning off and on, this microwave actually uses 40%, 50%, 60% (and so on) of its power for the entirety of a cooking cycle.

2.2 cubic feet

A microwave with 1.2-cubic feet is considered ideal for a family, so with 2.2-cubic feet, you won’t have any trouble fitting large dishes and platters in the NN-SN973S. The turntable is 16.5-inches, so you can rest assured the interior of the microwave provides enough space.

One-touch sensor cook

The sensor cook feature on this Panasonic means with just one touch of a button, you hand over control to the microwave. It is able to sense how long to reheat or cook food items, so you don’t have to guess or experiment with power levels and time.


Powerful and fast

The combination of reliable inverter technology and 1250 watts means this microwave is one of the quickest and most powerful units out there. Reheating takes mere seconds, and even cooking foods (like potatoes) is very fast. Thanks to the inverter tech, you won’t have to deal with cold spots and scalding food bits in the same dish.

Fast defrost mode

Defrosting is tricky in most microwaves, because it is easy to cook a food on the outside while the inside is still hard and frozen. With this Panasonic, you get a Turbo Defrost mode, which is both fast, but reliable so you don’t have to choose between a quick defrost with cooked edges, or a really long wait time.

Keep Warm function

One of the cool cooking modes on this microwave is the Keep Warm function. Using very low power, the microwave can actually keep foods like soups, stews, and more at the perfect temperature for up to 30 minutes after they are finished cooking. If the main dish finishes before you’re ready, you can keep it in the microwave and it won’t get cold or overcook while you finish other tasks.



The main downside to the Panasonic 1250W is that it is so expensive. This is definitely on the highest end of the microwave price range, so unless you plan on taking full advantage of all the microwave’s features, you would probably be satisfied with a less advanced, more affordable microwave. You can find inverter microwaves that cost less.

Overall Review

The Panasonic NN-SN973S is big, fast, and equipped with the best microwave technology available for home-use microwaves. It has a massive 2.2-cubic feet complete with a 16.5-inch turntable, and the 1250 watts of inverter heating and sensor modes ensure consistently well-cooked meals and reheats. If you love to use your microwave for cooking as well as the basic functions of heating up leftovers and beverages, this is a great option.