MG11H2020CT Microwave
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1000-watt countertop microwave with ten power levels and grilling element

The Samsung MG11H2020CT countertop microwave combines 1000 watts of traditional microwave energy with a unique grilling element, so you can do more than just reheat leftovers. It also comes with ten power levels, so you have complete control over how much heat you want your food items to be exposed to. If you have been looking for a microwave than can serve a bigger role in your daily life, this is a good microwave to check out.

1000 watts

1000 watts is on the higher end of wattage for home-use microwaves, so you can expect to reheat and cook just about anything. A baked potato only takes about 4 minutes, which is significantly faster than microwave with 500-800 watts. You can cut your cooking time short with this microwave, so reheating or making meals in a hurry is easy and convenient.

1.1-cubic feet

1.2-cubic feet is considered “family-sized” for microwaves, so with 1.1-cubic feet, this Samsung is great for large containers. You can heat up entire casseroles, lasagnas, and more instead of dividing up the dishes, which results in inconsistent heating.

Grilling element

Thanks to the grilling element, you can do a lot more with your microwave than ever before. Constructed with a round rack and ceramic plate, the grilling element makes pizzas, fish, quesadillas, and other foods crispy. You don’t have to purchase a separate griddle or other piece of kitchen equipment, and can instead harness the microwave’s power for a variety of cooking purposes.


Easy to maintain

The exterior of this microwave is stainless steel, which only requires occasional cleaning with a clean rag. The interior of the Samsung microwave is ceramic, which is not only very easy to wipe clean, but is more scratch-resistant than stainless steel. You can keep your microwave free from oil, grease, and other food remnants without hard scraping or scrubbing.

Auto-cook feature

For convenience, the Samsung MG11H2020CT microwave has auto-cook options, which means with the touch of a button, you can reheat, cook, and defrost a variety of food items. You are not required to guess the power level or cycle time, which can so often be an exercise in frustration.

Ten power levels

With ten power levels, you get more control over your microwave and the 1000 watts it possesses. This results in less burning, overcooking, or undercooking. You can choose specific, precise power levels instead of being limited to just “low” or “high,” which is common on many microwaves.


Doesn’t get food as crispy as oven/toaster

If you expect the grilling element to imitate a toaster or oven, you’ll be disappointed. The grilling element is cool, but it isn’t exceptional. However, foods that are best crispy will still be better on the microwave’s grilling element than they would be in a traditional microwave.

Overall Review

The Samsung MG11H2020CT 1.1 cu. ft. stainless steel countertop microwave is fairly affordable considering its size and cooking options. The addition of the grilling element also adds to its appeal, though it won’t give you the level of crispiness from a toaster or oven. You can still do a lot more in this microwave than in another unit, and with 1000 watts and ten power levels, you have complete control.