Dial 1000 Countertop Microwave
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Extremely-simple microwave oven with 1000 watts and knob-style dial

The Sharp microwave shifts away from the feature-packed microwaves you usually see and streamlines the process to its bare minimum. It has 1000 watts, which is sufficient for the microwave’s purpose, and no buttons. Instead, it uses a dial timer for fasts and easy microwaving.

1-cubic foot

At 1-cubic foot, the Sharp microwave is right on the edge of being a fairly-large microwave. For larger platters and dishes, you need about 1.2-cubic feet, so 1-cu.ft. might be a little too snug for your biggest dishes. However, if you are only using the microwave for 2-3 people at the most, this is a perfect size.

1000 watts

1000 watts is a good amount of power for a microwave of this kind. The Sharp isn’t intended to do much cooking, so you don’t need a high wattage. You could bake a potato in this microwave in about 5 minutes. For reheating tasks like heating up beverages and leftovers, 1000 watts is more than enough.

Digital dial timer

Instead of pushing buttons, you just turn the knob to select your time. This is the only function on the microwave – you don’t select power level or program, so once you’ve turned the dial to the cycle time you want, you close the door.


Extremely easy to use

A lot of the more “advanced” microwaves have a ton of features and buttons that can be overwhelming. Sometimes, all you want is a microwave that works. If you don’t use your microwave for much, the simple, sole dial will be very appealing to you.

Easy to clean

Cleaning this microwave is a breeze. It doesn’t have a rotating turntable, so you don’t need to bother removing that and washing it. The splash covers can be removed if necessary, but it should be easy enough to clean the microwave with them still inside.

Durable materials

The Sharp 15-0425 features a stainless steel interior and grey-steel outer wrapper. At 44 pounds, this is a strong microwave that won’t fall apart after only a year. You can expect this microwave to last a long time.


No control over anything but cycle time

While no extra features or buttons might be a positive to some, it’s also a negative. The only control you have is over the time. You can’t select any variable power or basic features like defrost. The Sharp doesn’t even have a clock that tells the time. It does have a timer heating guide however, so you get an idea of how long certain foods (chili, stew, popcorn, etc) need to cook.


The Sharp is really expensive, even more so than other expensive brands like Panasonic. Considering that all you get is a dial timer, spending so much money can seem pointless. Other expensive microwaves come with loads of features like variable power, inverter technology, and so on. Unless you’re willing to spend a lot just for the sake of simplicity, this microwave is strangely expensive.

Overall Review

If you can get this microwave, you probably fall into two categories: you have money to spare and prioritize simplicity. The Sharp Microwave Dial 15-0425 is both extremely expensive and extremely stripped-down. It has 1000 watts with no variable power, and a dial timer with a heating guide for common foods. Nothing else. It has very solid construction, however, so it will last a long time. If you don’t care about cooking modes and variable power, but don’t want to get a cheap microwave with inferior parts, the Sharp is what you’re looking for.