T-fal FR7015001 Oil Control
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Frying and Oil Filtering Made Easy

The Emery by T-Fal FR7015001 deep frying is a great fryer made with professional results in mind. It features an adjustable thermostat for maximum frying results. A ready light lets the user know when the oil is ready to use. A great feature that comes with this deep fryer is its oil change and filtration system that let the user know when the oil should be replaced and the automatic filtering system filters the oil into a container where it can be kept until ready to use again.

User Friendly

This deep fryer also has an odor filter which helps to greatly reduce cooking odors. The lid has a viewing window to allow the user to monitor the frying process easily. The deep fryer comes with handles which make moving and storing effortless. The filtration system filters and drains the oil automatically into a re-sealable plastic container that can be used to refrigerate the oil. The heating system is ideal in providing the ideal temperature for the best frying results.

The Good

Most parts are dishwasher safe. The oil filtration system is a great feature that everyone loves. Once the oil has cooled, the system filers it and drains it into a separate container for future use, saving a lot of oil. It is a great deep fryer for larger families and it can cook 2.65lbs of food in one batch. The temperature control is digital and easily adjustable.

The Bad

Although daily cleanup is easy to maintain, thorough cleaning requires a lot more attention and time. The filtration system is a great feature but also needs attention and care. The temperature may take a while to reach the highest setting and it is important not to overload the deep fryer. The cord is short so it may be somewhat uncomfortable to set it in a good place.

Great for Larger Kitchens

It is 19.1in x 12.6in by 16in, so it is a bit of a larger appliance that works well with bigger kitchens with plenty of counter space. The stainless steel design is simple enough to match any décor and kitchen style. The transparent window allows the user to monitor the cooking process without disturbing it.

Overall Verdict

This deep fryer is easy to store and clean. All components, with the exception of the heating element, are dishwasher-safe. Thorough cleaning takes a little bit more time and care. The filtering system is unique in that it cools the oil, filters and drains it into a separate container where the oil can be re-sealed and kept refrigerated until it is time to use it again. It takes some time to get used to the heating element and reaching the maximum temperature but when it is finally there, it fries chicken, mozzarella sticks, egg rolls and fries beautifully. The frying basket makes it easy to lower and lift foods safely, minimizing grease spatter. It comfortably fits a large family or guests.