Butterball Electric Deep Fryer
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Turkey and Frying Experts Combine

Butterball is widely known as Turkey experts, that is why when their name pops up alongside an appliance it should take our attention. Masterbuilt and Butterball bring us this special Electric Fryer for safe, easy and convenient Turkey frying right at home. The fryer features an all stainless steel body and a porcelain-coated inner cooking pot, a thermostat temperature control, cooking basket and drain valve to make cleaning a breeze.

Straightforward, Simple Controls

The temperature control allows the user to set the desired temperature for the best frying results. It doesn’t only easily fry a whole 14lb turkey, but also works to make different meals at any time of the year. The deep fryer is easy to use and it comfortably fits on a counter for safe cooking. The lid is easy to remove and clean. The Butterball fryer works for a lot of other dishes. The wire cooking basket also makes frying easy by letting the user stay safe while lowering food items into the oil. The controls are easy and straightforward.

The Good

This fryer can cook a Turkey easily. A 14lb turkey can be done in less than an hour. The fryer also features a drain clip that makes it easier to drain and cool turkey after it is done cooking while catching drippings, plus it helps move the turkey easily without making a mess. The Butterball fryer also works to make a variety of foods such as wings, fried fish, corn dogs, fries, onion rings, jalapeno poppers as well as any deep fried Asian appetizer and desserts like donuts, turnovers and fried ice cream.

The Bad

It does use about 2 gallons of oil for frying a Turkey but it can be drained and stored in the refrigerator for later uses. While it cooks the turkey pretty fast, it does take an extra 30-45 minutes to heat the oil up evenly for cooking. The outside isn’t cool touch so it tends to get very hot so caution is required.

Contemporary Style

The stainless steel and contemporary look of this deep fryer makes it a great addition to any kitchen. It matches great with any kitchen style and complements other appliances. The style and color can match any color palette and style easily.

Overall Verdict

The Butterball fryer is fairly easy to clean with hot soapy water. It is a nice fryer that can cook a 14lb turkey in under an hour. It also works to fry other foods like chicken, donuts, egg rolls and more. It isn’t very small so small kitchens may have to store it often if they want to clear counter space. It is an easy to use fryer that has simple and straightforward controls that everyone can use. The exterior can get very hot while it is cooking so safety precautions are recommended. The basket provides easy food handling and it helps collect Turkey drippings that can be used in a variety of things such as gravy.