GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer
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Basic and compact, this plug-and-play deep fryer does what it is supposed to do. The Presto GranPappy Fry Daddy doesn’t take a lot of counter space and is easy to use. With this deep fryer all you have to do is add oil, plug it in and wait for it to be heated up. This deep fryer accommodates up to six cups of oil and it can hold up to six servings per use. It comes with an internal thermostat that helps so the oil stays hot and at optimum frying temperature. This deep fryer is great for frying chicken, French fries, onion rings, fish and chips and more.

User Friendly

The GranPappy comes with a scoop and a magnetic safety connection that makes the unit turn off immediately if the deep fryer is jostled about. A snap-on lid is also included. This deep fryer is very easy to use as it doesn’t have a thermostat controller so all you have to do is plug it in and wait for the oil to heat, which takes about 15 minutes. It uses 120 volts, 60hz. The Presto GranPappy is made of heavy cast-aluminum to help distribute the heat evenly for optimal frying results. The inner part of it is non-stick so the food doesn’t stick to it and is easy to clean.

The Good

It is easy to use and features a slotted spoon that is ideal for draining the food after it has been fried. It has the magnetic safety connection and the plastic lid for easy storage. It doesn’t use a lot of cooking oil and after frying, the oil can be stored in the refrigerator right in the deep fryer, ready to be used multiple times. The GranPappy cooks fast and the food comes out crisp and crunchy.

The Bad

The GranPappy doesn’t come with a basket and the lid is plastic so it can’t be used while frying or it will melt and if not careful there may be some oil spatter. Because it doesn’t have a heat-resistant coating, the unit gets very hot very fast so it is recommended that it is kept in a safe place and away from children or pets while it is being used. Pot holders and careful watch is also advised to make sure that no accidents happen. It doesn’t have a visible thermostat to show the temperature of the oil and the internal one it has is automatic, so the temperature can’t be manually adjusted.

Style In a Small, Simple Design

The Presto GranPappy is a pretty, stylish fryer. It is small, compact and clean looking and pretty on the eye. It is 9.25 height, 9.50 length and 8.38in tall. It fits in most counter spaces and its simple look matches any kitchen styles and colors effortlessly.

Overall Verdict

The Presto GranPappy deep fryer is a small, simple and efficient fryer that does everything it is supposed to. It is great for frying up to six servings which makes it ideal for a small family. It fits great on small kitchens, dorms or when trying to save counter space. It gets very hot so caution is advised. It doesn’t have an adjustable temperature control but the inner automatic thermostat heats the oil at an optimum frying temperature. The lid comes with a handle which makes it very easy to store back in the fridge after each use, preserving the oil for many more uses.