Presto 05442 Cool Daddy
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Crisp and Delicious Deep-Fried Food

The Presto 05442 CoolDaddy deep fryer makes frying food safe and smart with its cool-touch surface, a safety latch and exterior handle to help avoid spatter when lowering food into the oil. The Presto comes with a handy nonstick inner cooking pot for quick and easy cleanup. It also features a wire interior basket that contains small holes for draining. The size of the holes is small enough to also keep small food pieces in the basket. The deep fryer measures about 13.5in height, 10in length, and 11.5in width, allowing for easy storage. The basket, handle and cord can be stored inside the cooker to save space. The 05442 is big enough for up to six servings, despite its small, compact size.

User Friendly Design

The deep fryer contains an adjustable thermostat to easily be able to choose the desired frying temperature according to the food that is being fried. It features an indicator light to let the user know when the oil is hot enough to start using. The CoolDaddy comes with a handy viewing window to allow the user to oversee the frying process without having to open the cover. The Presto CoolDaddy cool-touch deep-fryer has a capacity of 6-cups and uses 120 volts AC, 1500 watts, 60Hz.


Reduces the Greasy Smell

It reduces the greasy smells really well, the basket is helpful so that the user doesn’t get any splatter while frying. The temperature gauge, ready light and lid with vents allow for easy, safe frying. All the removable parts make this appliance easy to clean.

Compact and Simple

The Presto Cool Daddy is small and compact, great for any size kitchen. The black palette can easily match any décor. It is a simple, convenient deep fryer that doesn’t take a lot of space.


Not Dishwasher-safe

The Presto Fryer is not dishwasher-safe. It must be washed by hand which can make it somewhat tedious to use. It cooks up to 6 servings but to make sure it doesn’t overload, it is better to plan for 2 servings per use. Foods with a lot of moistures don’t fry very well when the lid is closed. To help with this problem it is recommended that the food is patted dry before each use. It comes with one filter but it is easy to purchase extra ones anytime.

Overall Review

This deep fryer does exactly as advertise. It is easy to use. The indicator light lets the user know when the oil is ready and the oil temperature can be adjusted according to the item that will be deep fried. The lid allows for easy monitoring of the cooking process and helps reduce the smell of grease. It is not dishwasher friendly but all the parts are easy to remove and with the cooking pan being nonstick, it is easy to clean. The wire basket is a great feature that allows the user to fry without oil being splatted all over the counter or on the hands. It is compact and black so it will fit any kitchen and match any décor.