Dual Basket Pro Fry
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It Fries, Steams, and Boils

The 05466 Pro Fly is a large 13.7in x 15.1in x 11in deep fryer that can hold up to 12-cups of food. It is ready to use and comes with handy accessories for easy frying. The fryer features two baskets for easy meal preparing by letting the user fry two different items at the same time. It features an adjustable thermostat to set the frying temperature needed. The Pro Fly also works for steaming and boiling vegetables, seafood and other food items.

Straightforward and Easy To Use

The Pro Fry is an easy to use fryer that holds a gallon of oil for large batches of food. It is great for large families or big groups of people as it can fry up to 12 cups of food per batch. It comes with an adjustable thermostat that indicates the oil temperature to allow the user to know when the oil is hot enough to use. The oil is held in a square, removable interior for easier storage or cleanup. The fry baskets that are included fold up to make storage easier and all the parts can be stored inside the fryer.

The Good

It is a great deep fryer for a large family or a big group of people. The two included baskets allow the user to make two different items of food at the same time. For bigger batches of the same food, a bigger basket may be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website. Spatter is minimal as the lid/cover can be used as a shield when immersing the food in the hot oil. The mesh baskets, cover and vessel are dishwasher safe.

The Bad

The heat sensor sometimes may not read the correct temperature. Since the fryer allows a large amount of oil sometimes it is not even so it is recommended to stir the oil gently to allow it all to heat evenly. The LED heating light turns off when it has reached desired temperature, so caution is advised to avoid accidents. The baskets and handles must be treated with care as they may bend easy. Solid fats, such as lard, cannot be used with this fryer. Because it is so large, it is not very easy to drain the oil. The immersion heating element must be lifted out first, then the removable pot to be able to pour the oil out of it. The Pro Fry doesn’t store the oil so in order to store the oil, it must be poured in and out between sessions.

Great for Larger Kitchens

The stainless steel appliance can match any kitchen décor but it is not recommended for small spaces, as it is a pretty large fryer. It would work better in larger kitchens with plenty of counter space.

Overall Review

The Pro Fly deep fryer is an easy to use appliance that can also be used to steam or boil vegetables and meats. It is a large fryer that is great for large families or when having parties or large groups of people. It makes up to 12-cups of fried food in one batch. It is simple and straightforward to use. It heats up quickly, although it may require some stirring for the oil to heat evenly. It can be somewhat difficult to drain and store oil as a lot of the components must be removed before pouring the oil into a separate container.