1-27-Pound-Capacity Stainless-Steel Deep Fryer
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Simple Deep Fryer

The Waring DF55 is a cute, little deep fryer that works great for one or two people. It is stainless-steel and heated by a 1500-watt immersion heating element. It comes with a frying basket with handles that stay cool to the touch for easy lifting and lowering of food items.

User Friendly

The DF55 Deep Fryer is easy to use and clean. It is a cute, compact fryer that works to created good quality fried foods. It is a convenient deep fryer perfect for family meals and entertaining. The fryer heats up to 380 degrees and heats back up fast once food is lowered in. This deep fryer is great for frying Tempura and other delicious fried foods.

The Good

The unit is small and easy to clean. The inner cooking pan is removable and wiping it clean is a breeze. The whole unit breaks apart for deep cleaning. It is a nice and compact appliance that works well for a single person or small family. It leaves a small footprint, making it ideal for small spaces. It gets hot really fast, making it perfect for deep frying items to a beautiful golden color.

The Bad

It has a magnetic detachable cord that unplugs with any small movement of the fryer. It is a safety feature but can be problematic sometimes. The fryer basket isn’t collapsible, which means it must be stored in a different place than the fryer, not inside it. The walls of the fryer aren’t too high so it is important not to over fill or there might be overflow when lowering the food into the oil. It can leave quite some odor lingering in the house for a while.

Small Footprint

The Waring DF55 is a cute, compact and simple deep fryer with an attractive control panel that can go quite well in small spaces. It is optimal for a single person or a small family and great to save up counter space. Its stainless steel exterior is modern and can match any kitchen style or décor. Its minimalistic style will not clash with other appliances. Storage and cleaning are made easy with this petite appliance.

Overall Verdict

This deep fryer by Waring is a great little cooker that heats up in as little as five minutes. Once you remove the heating element and the insert, it is very easy to clean. Most of these fryer’s components are dishwasher safe. It is small enough for one or two people and compact enough to save up counter space. It does get hot really fast so it can fry any item in a flash. It can overflow if filled too much and if not careful while lowering the food so trying to do add too much oil will help. The size is great for a small family and works perfect in small apartments and dorms. Must be careful with the detachable magnetic cord but remembering that it is a safety feature, after all.