Professional Deep Fryer
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A Fryer For The Family

The Waring Pro DF280 is a one-gallon deep fryer that works great for larger families. This deep fryer features three mesh collapsible baskets that are cool to the touch. The temperature control function allows the user to adjust cooking temperatures accordingly to the food they will be frying. It can cook up to 2.3lbs food batches at a time making it idea for a family or special events. The oil container is removable and enamel-coated to prevent food to stick to it and to make it easy to clean.

User Friendly

The fact that it has three baskets means the user can fry up to three different snacks at the same time. It fries fish and chicken, chips, corn dogs, oysters, vegetables etc. The temperature control is easy to use and adjust. The baskets that come with it are collapsible and can be stored in the unit to make more space.

The Good

This fryer holds its temperature well and when the food is lowered into it it’s very quick to heat back up. It is dishwasher safe so cleaning it is effortless. The settings and timer are very straightforward and easy to control and adjust. The Waring Pro comes with a cool-touch handle that is large enough to allow enough space between the hand and the lid to help minimize or prevent burning while cooking.

The Bad

The wire mesh on the baskets are a bit on the thin side so taking care of them is required. Not overloading them with heavy food is a good advice. The unit doesn’t have any sort of venting system so it is recommended to act with caution as steam and spatter may occur. The deep fryer doesn’t come with any filters to trap odors so that leaves a lot of fumes hanging around for a while. The lid also sits on top of the fryer so it make cause oil to drip onto the counter.

Commercial Style At Home

The Waring Pro is a nice looking appliance. The stainless steel exterior looks elegant and contemporary and will match almost any décor. It has a commercial look but for residential use. The deep fryer is a bit large for a small kitchen so bigger and enough counter spaces are recommended. It is 18.5in x 10in x 11x.

Overall Verdict

This deep fryer is a fast heating appliance that can works for frying a great variety of dishes from coconut shrimp to donuts and other fried desserts and appetizers. It is large enough for a family of 4-6 and it cooks about 2.3lb food batches at a time. The digital timer allows for easy cooking and the temperature control lets the user adjust to the heat the food needs, optimizing the cooking process. The three baskets make it easy to make three different food items all at the same time. It heats up fast and cooks food in no time by keeping the oil at the desired temperature.