Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier
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Prevent Mold, Create Comfort

The SPT SD-71E Dehumidifier with Energy Star is designed to efficiently and quietly remove excess moisture from the air. Too much moisture can cause problems with mold and mildew, as well as irritation and health problems. This machine can prevent all of these problems using a low level of electricity and with plenty of added features to make it easy to use.

Tons of Great Features

This high power, quality unit has all of the features offered by others in the same price range, and then some. It has continuous drain capability, which works with a standard garden hose. It has the easy to remove and clean filter that keeps both the air and the machine clean. The SPT SD-71E also has the memory IC feature which means if the power goes off, it will come back on working with the settings you were last using. You can easily customize the desired levels of humidity in increments of five percent.


Memory IC

The memory IC feature that remembers the settings before the last loss of power is a great feature that is really not common in dehumidifiers in this range. You will appreciate this feature if the power goes off and you don’t need to reset all of your preferences.

Continuous Use

The continuous drain feature is a convenient function that works well on this unit. It means that you won’t have to stop and empty the water collection reservoir often. That helps with efficiency and provides convenience.

Filter Reminder Light

Not all models feature a reminder light that lets you know when it’s time to change the filter. The advantage of having this light is that you won’t let a dirty filter negatively affect the performance of your machine. The SPT SD-71E Dehumidifier with Energy Star has this light for your convenience.


Bucket Hard to Replace

While the collection bucket is easy to remove to discard the water, it’s not so easy to put back in place when you’re ready to start the machine back up again. This is a minor inconvenience that can be avoided by using the drainage system with a hose.

A Bit Noisy

Most dehumidifiers of this size are not going to be quiet. This is a sacrifice you’ll have to make for the power it offers. If you are looking for a quiet machine to remove small amounts of excess moisture in the bedroom at night, this isn’t the best. But if you need a powerful machine to remove lots of moisture, you’ll have to tolerate a noise level.

Overall Review

Although the SPT SD-71E Dehumidifier with Energy Star isn’t silent, there aren’t any dehumidifiers of this power that are silent. The bucket may not be the easiest to use, but you can avoid this concern if you use the continuous drain option. It has all of the standard features of a model in this price range, and a few stand out ones such as the memory IC to remember your settings and the filter reminder light so you can stay on top of the filter cleaning.