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Heavy-duty, cast-iron dutch oven doubles as a skillet and makes food for 16-20 people

When you’re out camping, you don’t want to carry around a bunch of cooking equipment. With the Camp Chef 12-Quart dutch oven, you get both a dutch oven and a skillet. It can hold enough food for 16-20 people and is built to be used outdoors. It’s even printed with a Grand Canyon design (it’s a commemorative model). For a big, versatile dutch oven, the Camp Chef has all the features.

12-quart cast-iron oven ideal for outdoor cooking

This Grand Canyon National Park Commemorative Edition holds 12 quarts of chili, veggies, chicken breasts, and anything else you could want to cook over a fire. The deep-dish lid helps bolster airflow, so all the food is cooked with even, consistent heat.

Lid serves as skillet

When you need to cook something like pancakes or slabs of ham, the lid to the dutch oven doubles as a skillet. It even has legs so you can set it right on the fire. This saves you valuable backpack space because you don’t need to bring an additional skillet.

Thermometer Channel

You don’t even have to bring along a thermometer to check on meat when you get the Camp Chef. It has a built-in Thermometer Channel so you can see what the temperature is without taking off the lid.


Easy to handle

Dutch ovens aren’t light, and when cast-iron gets hot, it gets really hot. For your safety, the Camp Chef has a lift tool so you can handle the oven without burning yourself or accidentally dropping it because of the weight.


The Camp Chef is incredibly versatile. You can cook everything from soup to stir-fried veggie to pancakes. Since the Camp Chef is both an oven and a skillet, you’re harnessing the cooking power of two pieces of cookware in one. Camp food will never be the same.

Seasoned cast iron

The construction on the Camp Chef is excellent. It is made from true seasoned cast-iron. This means it has been treated with seasoning (usually fat or oil) so it’s more resistant to rust and has a non-stick surface. This is especially convenient on the Camp Chef since cast iron in general is more prone to rust.



If you’re doing a hiking trip and planning on camping along the way, you’ll definitely feel the Camp Chef’s 28 pounds. You should try to pack light as possible when you’re camping, and there are lighter and smaller pieces of camping cookware that would be better than the Camp Chef. However, if your camping trip has a one designated base and you’re cooking for a crowd, this is the kind of dutch oven that you would want.

Overall Review

At 12 quarts, the Camp Chef Grand Canyon National Park dutch oven makes a lot of food. If your family reunion or other big gathering involves camping, the seasoned cast iron and versatile skillet/dutch oven combo is perfect for your needs. You can cook all three meals with the Camp Chef, and none of the food will be dried out or unevenly-cooked. The deep-dish lid helps with airflow.